Public Works Dragon Boat Team

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Public Works Dragon Boat Team

Our award winning Dragon Boat Team is composed of a diverse group of employees from Public Works and other County departments, as well as their families and friends. Team DPW teaches us that great teamwork and strong leadership in a diverse group results in success and good camaraderie. The team has won numerous local and national awards and has been acknowledged by Los Angeles County’s CEO, Bill Fujioka and by Los Angeles County’s Board of Supervisors.

Team DPW is led by experienced paddlers, motivational leaders, and world-class athletes. These individuals have the ability to delegate and work, communicate and listen, and create and inspire. Its leaders have led the team to victories not only in competitions in California but all around the US, in Arizona, Texas, Miami, Montana, and in Canada.

ONE BOAT, ONE BEAT! Dragon Boat racing can never be a one man show. It is a synchronized and powerful motion generated from the 20 paddlers, the drummer and the steersman. Races range from 200m to 500m, and 1000m. We are a crew of 22 whose goal is to finish the race in the shortest time possible. This can only be achieved through trust in the leaders and team-mates, communication, skill, and teamwork.

The team practices once or twice a week. Our boats are available at Mother’s Beach in Long Beach or at the beautiful Santa Fe Dam Recreational Park in Irwindale. We start our training with stretches and warm up exercises, following by coaching sessions. When we hit the water, we leave everything else on shore. Team DPW is always a team to beat! We are a competitive crew that promotes friendship on and off the boat. We are one among the very few teams that has an overflow of membership due to our great team camaraderie, professional coaching, and successful outcomes. We have stretched our membership to all County Departments and have members from Public Works, Department of Children and Family Services, Mental Health, Parks and Recreation, the Health Department, and the Board Offices.

Team DPW is an example of Diversity in action! Our paddlers come from different racial and ethnic groups, professions, gender, religion, and languages. This allows us to share our cultures and learn from each other. Even though we speak different languages at home, work in different professions, practice our faith in different ways, and experience our lives differently, we paddle as one, lose as one, and win as one!

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