Department of Public Works

Summary of Benefits of County Employment

As a permanent employee of the County of Los Angeles, you may be eligible for many benefits.
There are many things to consider in a new employer. Here are a few of the many benefits the County of Los Angeles offers its employees:

    SALARY: For most positions, the County of Los Angeles has a five-step salary range. Other annual salary adjustments are determined by collective bargaining between employee organizations and the County.

  • Represented employees - 2 to 6 weeks of vacation leave per year depending on length of service
  • Non-represented employees - up to 100 hours of leave time per year depending on length of service
  • 10 to 12 days per year of sick leave
  • 12 paid holidays every year (effective 2017)
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Jury Duty Leave
  • Military Leave

  • HEALTH & DENTAL: The County of Los Angeles provides health and dental insurance at a low cost. A specific dollar amount for each employee, depending on the position, may be used toward the purchase of health and dental plans, life insurance, and other applicable benefits.

    RETIREMENT PLANS: The County of Los Angeles offers one contributory retirement plan.

    DEFERRED COMPENSATION: Horizons 457(b) deferred compensation plan with 4% County matching contribution is offered as a supplement to retirement benefits. Employees participating in this plan voluntarily defer a portion of their salary to help them prepare for financial independence when they retire, and at the same time, lower their income taxes.

    401K deferred compensation plan with 4% County matching contribution is offered as an additional supplement to the Horizons 457(b) to retirement benefits for all non-represented employees.

    HEALTH AND/OR DEPENDENT CARE SPENDING ACCOUNTS: This optional plan allows employees to put pre-tax monies into an account from which they can be reimbursed for health and/or dependent care spending expenses. The County of Los Angeles contributes to the dependent care spending account.

    LIFE INSURANCE: The County of Los Angeles offers basic life insurance at no cost to most employees. Supplemental insurance benefits may be purchased at low cost through payroll deductions.

    COMMUTER BENEFIT PLAN: Eligible monthly commuting costs (up to the Internal Revenue Service limits) are deducted from an employee's paycheck tax-free to pay for eligible transit and parking expenses.

    EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: Confidential consultation, assessment, and referrals are available at no cost.

    OPPORTUNITIES: As a large employer with such a diverse workforce, the County of Los Angeles can offer its employees many opportunities for advancement. Employees are encouraged to develop their skills and seek to improve their level within the organization.


    • The 4 day (4/40) work week is standard for most assignments in the headquarters building. Other field facilities are on 4/40, 9/80 or standard 40 hours (5/40) work week schedules

    • On-site employee credit union with savings and low interest loan privilege plus secure ATM

    • Educational tuition reimbursement

    • On-site courses offered

    • On-site health/fitness center at headquarters building

    • On-site cafeteria at headquarters building

    • Free parking and van/carpool options

    • Nearby Department sponsored childcare center

    • Public Works employee sports including Softball League, Dragon Boat, Tennis Program, and Badminton
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