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BMP Yellow Pages

The BMP Yellow Pages are provided as a service to BMP stakeholders in Los Angeles County out of a need for information exchange by potential consumers of BMP technology. These products, activities, and services are commonly used in the development and redevelopment of property, in the operation of businesses and corporate yards, in construction, and in storm drain retrofit applications. To our knowledge, a searchable data base of this sort exists nowhere else.


The BMP Yellow Pages are a list of proprietary and nonproprietary products, activities, and services that are meant to improve or eliminate pollution associated with urban runoff and stormwater. The phrase "Best Management Practice" is a common term used in Federal, State, and local regulations to label these types of products, activities, and services. Usage of the term does not imply that some products, activities, or services are better than others, nor that the County of Los Angeles evaluates or decides which product, activity, or service should be listed. The inclusion of manufacturers, consultants, products, or services on this list in no way represents an endorsement or guarantee of effectiveness as a result of the use of these products, nor for any compliance issues regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please contact the vendor and follow the manufacturers' specifications for preparation, installation, and maintenance of these products.
Note:Some listings may be missing certain entries because the information was not available at the time of publication.

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If you are a stormwater BMP manufacturer or distributor and would like to be added to the database, or have information to update the existing list, please send an e-mail to the content manager or call (626) 458-4313.

If you have a product that may satisfy our criteria, and can be maintained or used by us, please click below to download an application form so that we can evaluate your product.

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