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Sun Valley Watershed Ecosystem Restoration Study
The Sun Valley Watershed, which was historically a river-centric society, has experienced widespread development and urbanization throughout its history. The once natural setting has transformed into an industrial and residential community, with few traces of its original landscape and ecosystem. As part of its ecosystem restoration program, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) is conducting a study to explore the feasibility of pursuing ecosystem restoration activities in the Sun Valley Watershed. Ecosystem restoration is valuable because it can increase the potential for long-term sustainability, resilience, and viability in the watershed. The study will identify the existing problems in the ecosystem and objectives to remedy those problems by considering impacts to the environment, aquatic systems, terrestrial systems, human resources, and future climate change. Potential project alternatives will then be explored to address the identified objectives for the Sun Valley Watershed.

This study is currently in progress. The existing conditions have been studied, and the Corps is in the process of identifying project alternatives to restore the ecosystem in Sun Valley. The total cost for the Sun Valley Watershed Ecosystem Restoration Study is approximately $3.83 million. The Corps will fund 50% of the project cost, while the remainder of the cost will be provided by local sources. The Los Angeles County Flood Control District is the lead local sponsor for this study, and will work with other stakeholders to provide the local funding.

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