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Whitnall Highway Powerline Easement
Projects The Whitnall Highway Powerline Easement Project is an effort led by the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and is located along Whitnall Highway from Vineland Avenue to Cahuenga Boulevard. The project will capture stormwater runoff and infiltrate it through the soil to reduce local flooding and improve downstream surface water and groundwater quality. Surface runoff will be captured at several locations along the easement and then directed into a network of swales, culverts, hydrodynamic separators, and infiltration basins for pre-treatment and infiltration. This Whitnall Highway Powerline Easement project will improve the health and long-term sustainability of the local groundwater supply and reduce the region’s reliance on water imports. The project will provide additional community enhancements by including walking trails, educational signage, and native habitat.

The Whitnall Powerline Easement project is in the early design stage. The total construction cost is estimated at $7.3 million. Project partners and supporters include the City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, the City of Glendale, the City of Burbank, the Upper Los Angeles River Area Watermaster, TreePeople, Inc., and the Sun Valley Watershed Stakeholders Group.

Download: Whitnall Highway Powerline Easement Fact Sheet

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