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LA County Flood Control District
Assistant Deputy Director/
Division Engineer:

Angela R. George

Assistant Division Engineers:
Terri Grant
Paul Alva

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(626) 458-4300
Cover Page
Table of Contents
I. Executive Summary
II. Introduction
III. Regional Context and Recommendations
    Economic Development
    Environmental Quality
    Flood Management and Water Conservation
    Jurisdiction and Public Involvement
IV. Master Plan Implementation
V. Mapping Component
    Reach 1 - Southern Cities
    Long Beach and Carson Cities
    Reach 2 - Mid-Cities
    City of Paramount
    City of Compton
    City of Lynwood
    City of South Gate
    City of Cudahy
    City of Bell Gardens
    City of Maywood
    City of Commerce
    City of Bell
    City of Vernon
    Reach 3 - Downtown Los Angeles
    Reach 4 - Glendale Narrows
    Reach 4 - Map
    Reach 5 - San Fernando Valley
    Reach 5 - Map
    Reach 6 - Tujunga Wash
    Reach 6 - Map
    Appendix A - History of the Los Angeles River
    Appendix B - Examples of Successful Projects
    Appendix C - LAR and Tujunga Wash Corridor MP
    Appendix D - Demonstration Projects
    Appendix E - Funding Sources
    Appendix F - Master Plan Process
    Appendix G - Los Angeles River Source Maps
    Appendix H - References
VII. Environmental Statement
    Section 1.0 Project Information
    Section 2.0 Project Description
    Table 2.2-1 Site Specific Project Recommendations
    Figure 2.2-1 Project Detail Maps
    Section 3.0 Alternatives
    Section 4.0 Environmental Checklist
    Section 5.0 Discussion of Environmental Issues
    Section 5.0 (cont.) - Characterization of Local Faults
    Section 5.0 (cont.) - Biological Resouces
    Section 5.0 (cont.) - Noise-Land Use Capability
    Section 5.0 (cont.) - Utilities and Service Systems
    Section 5.0 (cont.) - Reach Numbers
    Section 5.1.1
    Section 6.0 - Draft Finding
    Section 7.0 - Coordination
    Section 8.0 - References
    Section 9.0 - List of Preparers
    Section 10.0 - Corrections, Additions, Deletions
    Section 11 Response to Comments
    Section 11 (cont.)
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix C (cont.) Maps
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