Los Angeles County Water Plan

This draft document includes a discussion of the concept of resilience based on a literature review; a consideration of current water management practices in the region informed by existing planning documents and a series of interviews with selected agencies and staff; a summary of elements of water management in the region that includes select examples of agency projects and programs adopted to help foster and promote water resilience; and an identification of threats to the region's water future followed by current management strategies that contribute to building resilience.

This report is intended to help set the stage for the next phase of water planning across Los Angeles County. In this next phase we will be:

  1. Reviewing additional plans drafted by NGOs and academic institutions that set out proven strategies for non-infrastructure components of healthy watersheds and thriving communities.
  2. Reaching out to stakeholders to get their input on the elements of water resilience and regional planning priorities.
  3. Identifying best practices, crafting policy recommendations, and setting regional targets that contribute to a resilient water future for Los Angeles County.

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