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Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP)

Tools to Address Pedestrian Safety

The NTMP provides four basic categories of tools to apply to any given project.

These are as follows:

The following table list the measures available and show their relative effectiveness and restrictiveness for this category:

Tools to Address Pedestrian Safety

(Based on Published Sources)

Toolbox Item Level of Restrictiveness Speed Reduction Effectiveness
Enforcement (Visible & Active Police Presence) Low N/A
Radar Trailer Low N/A
Speed Alert with Warning Low N/A
Neighborhood Traffic Safety Campaign (Education) Low Minimal
Raised Crosswalk (3" high x lane width) Some Average
Speed Cushions Some N/A
Speed Humps (2-5/8" x 12') Some N/A
22' Tables Some N/A
Raised Intersections Some N/A
Textured Pavement Some N/A
Center Island Narrowing Some N/A
Stop Signs Moderate N/A
Turn Restriction Signs Moderate N/A
Chicanes Moderate N/A
Chokers/Slow Points Moderate High
One Way Entry/Exit Chokers, Half Closures, Semi Diverters Moderate N/A
Bulb-outs Moderate Average
Median Barriers Moderate N/A
Curb Extensions (Entry, Exit, Mid-Block) Moderate N/A
Turn Prohibition Signs High N/A
Full Closures, Cul-de Sacs High N/A
Full/Diagonal Diverters High N/A
Forced Turn Islands, Barriers, Channelization High N/A
Traffic Circles High Minimal