Public Works
Stop junk mail at its source
Save paper, reduce trash and conserve landfill space.

Junk mail is generated from mailing lists by companies that collect your information whenever you enter a contest, make a donation, buy something, order a product, or send in a subscription or warranty card. These mailing lists may in turn be sold or traded with other companies. Check out these statistics:

The average citizen
disposes over 2000 lbs
of trash per year.

  • 8 months is how much time Americans spend during their life opening junk mail.

  • 100 million trees are leveled each year to provide paper for junk mail.

  • 4.3 million tons out of 5.6 million tons of mailings generated each year are thrown in the trash.

  • 340,000 garbage trucks are needed to haul away all the junk mail that is not recycled.

  • Here are some steps to reduce junk mail.
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