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Los Angeles River Master Plan

Los Angeles River Master Plan

The Los Angeles River Master Plan recognizes the Los Angeles River as a body of resources of regional importance and recognizes that those resources must be protected and enhanced.

Since the mid-1980s there has been a renewed interest in the river as a valuable natural asset for the entire Los Angeles basin. As a multi-use resource, the river can serve human needs in a much broader sense than it does today. Along its banks, many new, job-producing facilities can be developed and new recreation sites can be provided for people living in the basin.

In July 1991, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors directed the Departments of Public Works, Parks and Recreation and Regional Planning to undertake a planning effort and to coordinate all interested public and private parties in the planning, financing and implementation efforts of a Master Plan for the Los Angeles River. The National Park Service's Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program provided technical assistance and group and community facilitation in this Planning Team effort.

An Advisory Committee consisting of cities, agencies and citizen group representatives was formed in September 1992 and has been meeting regularly since then. As part of the second phase of the planning process, Advisory Subcommittees were formed to develop objectives. Public outreach consisted of three efforts: public workshops held to gauge the level of support for various project ideas; implementing the developed goals for the river through demonstration project proposals; and meetings with city staff to discuss how the Master Plan will address specific issues and needs.

The intent of the Master Plan is to create a document that identifies ways to revitalize the publicly-owned rights-of-way along the Los Angeles River and Tujunga Wash into an urban treasure.

Development and implementation of the Los Angeles River Master Plan will maintain the river as a resource that provides flood protection and opportunities for recreational and environmental enhancement, improves the aesthetics of the region, enriches the quality of life for residents, and helps sustain the economy of the region.

In February 1995, an implementation team consisting of members of the Advisory Committee was formed to help develop strategies for implementing the recommended projects among cities, agencies and community groups.

Specific issues raised throughout the planning process will be addressed during the implementation of each project with input from the community affected by the project. The Planning Team has gathered suggestions f or addressing the issues of safety, security and law enforcement, flood protection, wildlife habitat, maintenance, property ownership, funding and coordination among jurisdictions.

Full implementation of the Master Plan recommendations will entail many years of coordination among agencies, cities and community groups. The Advisory Committee recognizes that there will be a need to modify and update parts of this document over time. The Master Plan's greatest value is in providing a vision for the river's future.

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