LA County Road Closures

This website only shows the closure of roads that are maintained by Los Angeles County Public Works in unincorporated County areas.
Please click the links at the bottom of this page for information regarding highway closures under other jurisdictions.

Note: Estimated road opening dates are subject to change without notice. Please check this site periodically before finalizing any travel plans.
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View Map and List View Map View List Road Closure Details (Last updated: 08/05/22 09:53 PM)
Currently 18 road closures, 7 planned road closures, and 3 road closures affecting disaster routes.
Road Closed - Open to Contractors, Residents, & Emergency Vehicles ROAD CLOSED - OPEN TO CONTRACTORS, RESIDENTS & EMERGENCY VEHICLES Road Closed - Open to Residents & Emergency Vehicles ROAD CLOSED - OPEN TO RESIDENTS & EMERGENCY VEHICLES
Access Limited, Expect Delays ACCESS LIMITED, EXPECT DELAYS Lane Closed LANE CLOSED
Planned Closure PLANNED CLOSURE Construction Zone. Expect Delays CONSTRUCTION ZONE. EXPECT DELAYS
Road Closed - Open to Emergency Vehicles ROAD CLOSED - OPEN TO EMERGENCY VEHICLES
Location Community Status Reason Begin Date Estimated
End Date
Piuma Rd, Crater Camp Dr to Live Oak Dr Santa Monica Mountains Lane Closed Sce To Make Repairs And/Or Upgrades To The Facilities 08/22/22 08:00 AM 08/22/22 04:00 PM 3
Sierra Highway, Sierra Highway to Old Sierra Highway Acton Lane Closed Vehicle Accident 08/05/22 09:49 PM 08/12/22 09:49 PM 5
2450 Cordoza Ave, Cuatro Ave to Pocatello Dr Rowland Heights Road Closed Crane Operation - Pwrp2022005143 08/05/22 08:00 AM 08/05/22 04:00 PM 1
S. Inglewood Bl, Lennox Bl to W. 111th St Lennox Lane Closed Sce To Make Repairs And/Or Upgrades To The Facilities 08/04/22 10:00 PM 08/05/22 05:00 AM 2
15034 Folger St, Samar Ave to Kamar Ave Hacienda Heights Road Closed Crane Operation - Pwrp2022005134 08/04/22 08:00 AM 08/04/22 03:00 PM 1
Alley R/O 3756 Colorado Blvd, Quigley Ave to Rosemead Blvd East Pasadena Road Closed Crane Operation (Pwrp2022004919) 08/01/22 08:00 PM 08/02/22 04:00 AM 5
70th Street West, Avenue B to Avenue E City Of Lancaster,Del Sur Road Closed Road Construction (Daily Closure 7am-4pm) 08/01/22 07:00 AM 08/12/22 04:00 PM 5
Pontenova Ave, Wallbrook Dr to Cul De Sac Hacienda Heights Road Closed Crane Operation (Pwrp2022005043) 07/31/22 07:00 AM 07/31/22 04:00 PM 1
Sunset Avenue, Evelyn Street to Prospect Avenue La Crescenta-Montrose Road Closed Power Pole Removal And Replacement - Permit Office# 2 07/29/22 07:00 AM 07/29/22 02:00 PM 5
Leffingwell Road, Meyer Road to Coteau Road South Whittier Lane Closed Permitted Activity Under Permit Pwrp2021003488 06/08/22 07:00 PM 07/25/22 04:00 PM 4
Pepper Drive, New York Drive to Berendo Street Altadena Road Closed. Only Open To Contractors, Residents. & Emergency Vehicles Filmla Permit La00053552-2 - Film2022000241 06/02/22 05:00 PM 06/03/22 03:00 AM 5
Austin Way, Lakeshore Road to Newview Drive Lake Hughes Road Closed. Only Open To Contractors, Residents. & Emergency Vehicles Road Closure Due To Road Work 05/25/22 09:00 PM 06/10/22 05:00 PM 5
20th Street East, Avenue H to Avenue G-8 City Of Lancaster,North Lancaster Road Closed Closed Due To Sand Storm And Accident 05/10/22 03:30 PM TBD 5
Rush St , Fruitvale to Burkett Rd South El Monte Road Closed Down Tree And Power Lines 01/22/22 07:12 AM TBD 1
Tuna Cyn Rd , Pch to Saddle Peak City Of Malibu,Santa Monica Mountains Road Closed. Only Open To Emergency Vehicles Fire 07/19/21 04:51 PM TBD 3
Chantry Flats , Arno Drive to Forest Route 2n40 City Of Arcadia,City Of Sierra Madre,Angeles National Forest,City Of Monrovia Road Closed. Only Open To Emergency Vehicles Due To Fire 09/08/20 09:41 AM 11/01/22 12:00 AM 5
Mulholland Hwy, Lower Brewster Rd to Seminole Dr Santa Monica Mountains Road Closed Woolsey Fire 11/09/18 12:36 PM TBD 3
Fairway Drive, Business Parkway to East Walnut Drive North Rowland Heights,City Of Industry Road Closed Ace - Fairway Drive Grade Separation Project - Ace Project Helpline (888) Ace-1426 06/07/18 09:00 PM 06/30/23 12:00 PM 1,4

Planned Road Closures

Avenue E, 80th Street West to 90th Street West Del Sur Road Closed. Only Open To Residents & Emergency Vehicles Road Construction (Daily Closure 7am-4pm) 08/15/22 07:00 AM 08/19/22 04:00 PM 5
709 Lidford Ave, Glenhope Dr to Prior Ave Valinda Road Closed Crane Operation - Pwrp2022005329 08/15/22 07:00 AM 08/15/22 04:00 PM 1
18130 Lanaca St, Vidalia Ave to Northam St San Jose Hills Road Closed Crane Operation - Pwrp2022005296 08/10/22 07:00 AM 08/10/22 05:00 PM 1
714 Millbury Ave, Vanwig Ave to Homeward St Bassett Road Closed Crane Operation - Pwrp2022005145 08/12/22 08:00 AM 08/12/22 03:00 PM 1
1217 S Belgreen Dr, Fairplain Ave to S Caraway Dr North Whittier Road Closed Crane Operation - Pwrp2022005144 08/09/22 08:00 AM 08/09/22 04:00 PM 1
724 Sacramento St, El Molino Av to Lake Av Altadena Road Closed Crane Operation - Pwrp2022005096 08/10/22 12:00 AM 08/10/22 12:00 PM 5
Lidford Ave, Arvid St to Glenhope Dr Valinda Road Closed Crane Operation (Pwrp2022005237) 08/09/22 09:00 AM 08/09/22 03:00 PM 1
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