Department of Public Works

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 Hi, I would like info on the tax deed auctions? on actual homes? Mat
2 How can we keep gophers away from our vegetable garden?
3 How should residents properly dispose of old, expired or unused non-controlled perscription or over-the-counter medications and drugs (pharmaceutical waste)?
4 How to dispose of old water coolers, refrigerators, and air conditioners.
5 I would like to open a recycling company. How do I start and what permits do I need?
6 Where can I take paint for recycling in LA County?
7 How do I properly dispose of home-generated sharps waste, such as medical needles, syringes, lancets and test strips?
8 What happens to the computers and electronic waste (E-waste) that are collected at the County's HHW/E-Waste collection events? Should there be any worry about identity theft and personal information getting out from the old computers?
9 How to obtain a permit for a Hazardous Waste and/or an Electronic Waste recycling business.
10 I need a Bond Estimate Declaration. can you please help me?
11 How can one dispose of an old lawn mower, or, more preferably, recycle.
12 What is a BMP?
13 At the events for collecting household hazardous wastes, is there a limit to the amount of material one can drop off?
14 I received an invoice from the Department of Public Works and don't know what it is for. How can I find out why I was billed?
15 Who should I report malfunctioning traffic signal problems to?
16 How do I obtain a copy of the County of Los Angeles Building Code and Electrical Code?
17 How do I obtain a copy of the County of Los Angeles Plumbing Code and Mechanical Code?
18 I would like to subdivide my property into two or three flag lots. How do I got about doing this and how long does a subdivision generally take to complete.
19 How does one report a downed stop sign?
20 I would like to know whether there are plans to build a freeway noise wall along the 170 freeway.
21 How would I obtain your biennial report?
22 Where are your Permit Offices and what hours are they open?
23 What is an Excavation Permit?
24 What is the status of my storm drain permit application?
25 Where can I dispose or recycle household hazardous waste (HHW) and electronic waste like paint, expired medicines, solvents, fertilizer, pesticides, household cleaners, oil, batteries, computers, and televisions?
26 Where can I recycle used motor oil?
27 I live in (or my business is located in) a city and not a County unincorporated area. Where can I get information on recycling services available to me?
28 I live (or have a business) in the City of Los Angeles and I have questions about trash collection or recycling. Where can I find answers?
29 I have a question or complaint about my trash collection service. Who can I call?
30 What is E-Waste and how can I recycle it?
31 Can one dispose of spray paint cans in the regular household trash? Can spray cans be recycled?
32 Hi, Can we drop off smoke alarms? I read that if the alarm contains less than 1 microcurie, it can be dropped off at an e~waste site for recycling. (See page 5 of the attached document.) Otherwise, we can put it in the trash. Do you accept smoke alarms with less than 1 microcurie of radtion at the e~waste drop offs? Thanks. Yvonne
33 I am trying to obtain a performance bond in order to get a contract with the County of Los Angeles. Can you please give me information on what the requirements are for a performance bond or where I can find the requirements? Thank you. Sheila Claiborne
34 The LADBS referred me to you to see if you have copies of Certificates of Compliance that I could get for a few parcels of land in Los Angeles County. Please advise.
35 How do I report a violation (construction without a permit)?
36 How long is a Building application plan check good for?
37 How big and how high can I build my house or room addition?
38 I've been told that I don't need permits for buildings that are 120 sq. ft. or less. Is that true?
39 Where can I find the original plans for my house?
40 What are permit fees based on?
41 How can I obtain a copy of the codes?
42 How long is a permit good for?
43 What is a Type V sheet and how do I get one?
44 What is the Termino Avenue Storm Drain Project?
45 - Is the Department of public works under contract with Network Piping Monitoring Systems company? - Does the Department of Public Works or EPA requires/Mandates the installation of a "Kane MP GI-678 Tamper Proof Grease/Solvent Detector Devise" or any other monitoring divises?
46 I wanted to get in touch with the individual in charge of the County's trails and pathways. Who would I need to contact in that capacity? Please let me know!
47 Is a variable speed pump mandatory for a pool? Can I install a 1hp or 1.5hp (one speed pump) for a pool ? The pool will be constructed in Canyon Country.
48 A group of home owners in benedict canyon would like to institute an assessment district paid through their property taxes for the installation of street lighting and underground utilities. Can you help or refer me to someone that can tell me if any bond program is available for infrastructure replacement?
49 I received the notice for home banking about including the account number and customer number on my water bill pay profile. I use my bank's website to pay my bills. Do I need to do anything different to make sure my payments are properly applied?
50 What is a debris basin?
51 What are the operating hours for the Cashier's Office?
52 What is the DPW Customer-Invoice Payment Status Inquiry?
53 The street I live on (Altadena Drive between Marengo and Fair Oaks) doesnt have sidewalks on one side of the street. How do we get a sidewalk built on this side, or is this not something the County would do for us?
54 Subject: Question regarding Horse Trails in L.A. County Will you please advise who maintains the horse trails in L.A. County, especially the ones that run along the 605 freeway and along the bike routes in the City of Norwalk? Also, are there certain hours that the horse trails can be used? Thank you! Kathleen M. Palomares Office Assistant I Department of Public Safety Substation 10921 Firestone Boulevard Norwalk, CA 90650 (562) 929-5685; Fax: (562) 929-5687
55 Hi! I know how to dispose sharps but what about the strips that contain blood? I've seen at the Doctor's office they have the strips mixed in the same container which I guess would make sense but when I asked a nurse she said you don't have to do it. Where should the Glucose strips go? Thanks for the reply!
56 How many times a year, can Los Angeles County residents dispose of household hazardous waste and electronic waste and at what locations?
57 Does Public Works have plans for an Android application?
58 How do you properly and safely dispose of home-generated sharps waste such as medical needles, syringes, and lancets in Los Angeles County?
59 I am considering purchasing a lot in Altadena, Woodbury Heights area, to subdivide into 6 parcels and constructing 6 affordable housing units with a private drive. The lot is approximately 30,000 sf. There are 4 existing parcels on the same block that are 50 x 54, which is basically what I would like to do, as well as other multi-family property across the street and surrounding area. My questions are 1) who can I talk to at the County, prior to purchasing the property, to discuss the feasibility, and 2) what the procedure and lead times are for approval? Your prompt response is appreciated. Thanks, Mittry Mor
60 Where can I find the forms to fill out my rebate request? I just bought an energy efficient clothes washing mashine at Best Buy with a note indicating about your rebates. Thank you.
61 I purchased a high efficiency washer and was told that the Department of Public Works offers discounts to its customers that purchase such appliances. Could you provide me more information about this program and what I can do to participate and get the discounts?
62 Hi Sir, I've got a project from City of Inglewood and I was wondering if you have title sheet with all notes that you need for grading plan in your website or not? thanks
63 I live in Lancaster. What are the hours I can water my lawn?
64 What is a Transportation (Moving) Permit?
65 How do I apply for a Transportation (Moving) Permit?
66 What is a Service Cut Permit?
67 Who can I contact in regards to the Public Records Request I sent in to Public Works?
68 How are the hazardous and electronic waste (HHW/E-Waste) collected at the County's HHW/E-waste collection events being disposed of?
69 Are there building codes (within Antelope Valley) against homes built from shipping containers? I have been researching this as a way to construct a home from these containers while using solar and/or wind power. I know that there is a company building these in San Fernando Valley but wondered where to start looking for the Antelope Valley for regulations and how "green" a house is allowed.
70 I searched for updated Los Andges County Building Code on your website but its not published on-line. Where can I get a copy, or what website I can get the new LAC building code? Thank you.
71 Is it possible to have a drop-box on the street corner for people to drop off their household hazardous materials (HHW)?
72 Where can I find a resource for public citizens to "green" the County?
73 Good morning, We have forwarded your inquiry to the Department of Public Works that disseminates the form that you are requesting. You may contact their unit directly at or (626) 458-5100. Assessor Helpdesk GC -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 9:09 AM To: L.A. County - Office of The Assessor Subject: Public Inquiry Form Name: Pineda, Carlito Business Name: Foresight Engineering, Inc. Address: 17621 Irvine Blvd Suite 210 Tustin, CA 92780 Email: Phone: 714-542-1214 Comments: We need pdf of form titled "BOND ESTIMATE DECLARATION", please email us a copy. This form is not available online on your website. We appreciate your kind assistance. Sincerely, Carlito A. Pineda
74 How can one organize an electronic waste (E-waste) collection event?
75 Is my property in the anticipated flood zone?
76 To whom do I report illegal dumping?
77 Does Los Angeles County promote Ride Share Week?
78 How can I obtain the information on the process to bid on projects.
79 Where can a small business dispose of small amounts of hazardous waste?
80 Can you provide me with the Street lighting installation guidelines and procedures for the LA county?
81 Does a 96 square foot playhouse with a projected square foot area of 120 square feet require a permit? How large can it be? (Unincorperated LA County) Thank You
82 How much does the County Charge to install a new street light?
83 Great news that the Women's Council has been established, but, what are the reasons for its creation? Specifically, are we experiencing problems?
84 Does the Antelope Valley Environmental Collection Center (AVECC) take old tires?
85 Is there a limit on how many cans of paint can be disposed of at one time during your collection periods?
87 What's the city or county policy of private persons soliciting curbsite address number painting for a residence? Lately, there has been an increase of persons walking up to our front door and insisting that we pay them a certain amount of money to paint our address. Today, someone actually did it without our permission and then demanded payment. Thank you.
88 I don't understand how banding works. Shouldn't those with the highest score be appointed or promoted to a position?
89 Should a broken lcd monitor and a broken shredder be taken to a HHW/E-Waste collection site or event?
90 Where can I dispose of an old bar-b-que propane tank?
91 Where in Antelope Valley can one dispose of household hazardous waste, such as carburetor cleaning solvent? What type of disposal container would be acceptable for the solvent? Thank you.
92 How do you properly dispose of fluorescent light bulbs? Do those get collected at the household waste collection events?
93 I just visited a CleanLA drop off site and was quite impressed! The speed at which my car was unloaded, the coordination between all the workers, the friendliness......simply AMAZING! With a service like that, why on earth would people dump these things into the trash or down the drain. I'll be spreading the news for sure. Ajay
94 How do I sign up to receive an electronic notification via e-mail when a Household Hazardous Waste/Electronic-Waste Collection event is scheduled near my area?
95 What form of proof do i have to have with a disability and are bicycles allowed on buses?
96 What are the project's key attributes?
97 Where can we get/make sandbags?
98 I am a graduate student at the University of Southern California studying transportation engineering. I am doing a final project for one of my classes in which we are redesigning an intersection which includes a nearby bus stop. For our design, we would like to show the option of adding a bench for the bus stop. Could you tell me how much a bus bench costs? I understand that sometimes you can install advertising bus benches at no cost to the county. What qualifies for these types of benches (i.e. are there only certain areas that advertisers are interested in)? We also are interested in planting one to three trees for our design. Can you provide any information on the cost of planting and maintaining different trees? Thank you.
99 Where can I pick up a set of bid documents?
100 What are some of the issues of debris basins?
101 Who can I contact if I do not know my Customer Number/Address ID or if I have an invalid Customer Number/Address ID for the DPW Customer-Invoice Payment Status Inquiry screen?
102 i would like information on replacing centerline monuments in the city of Azusa, we will be doing topo and resurfacing on Foothill Blvd. some monuments may be destroyed, what type of monument do we replace these with, do you have a Standard for this. if so please provide me with a path to it, also do you have a path to you mapping, record of survey, parcel map, tract map standards.
103 How will I be notified if a forecasted rain event could potentially flood my area?
104 My neighborhood meets the criteria for the NTMP program, how do I request this program?
105 How can I find a Flood Map for this particular site? I know there is one I can acces online but I don't know where to look. The APN number for this site is 8170-030-013 & 014.
106 How do I go about registering as a vendor for procurement?
107 Is it possible to place a staff directory on the Internet?
108 What are the requirements for inspecting epoxy injection on a county facility?
109 Do you have guidelines for watering? Please help us figure out how to water our lawn efficiently.
110 5/6/08 To Whom It May Concern: We are filling out an "Application For Industrial Waste Disposal Permit" and would like to know what is Federal SIC No. Thank you for your help.
111 How do pollutants get into surface and ground water?
112 What is the formula that the county uses for slope analysis? ie.. to determine the percent of slope on my lot.
113 Where can I access the updated Prevailing Wage rates?
114 How can my neighborhood participate in the NTMP?
115 What are the permit fees based on?
116 Does the County have anyone that goes to different schools to speak on environmental issues?
117 Where can I get answers about asbestos?
118 Where can I get information about recycling for my business?
119 How can I dispose of some used tires?
120 Where can I get information about what residential recycling services are available?
121 What can I recycle at home?
122 How can I stop junk mail?
123 I am a gardener hobbyist and I want to learn how to enjoy my hobby in an environmentally safe way. Do you have any resources that can help?
124 How do I safely get rid of used hypodermic needles (also known as "sharps") and other small amounts of personal medical waste generated in my home?
125 Who can I call to request the pick up of a dead animal?
126 My recycling bin is not large enough to hold all of my recyclables. What should I do?
127 Where can I get a list of scrap tire haulers for Los Angeles and other counties in CA?
128 Where is the drain located, and which communities will be impacted during project construction?
129 How can we get hooked up to the sewer system? We have approx 25 homes not currently connected and experiencing major septic problems.
130 What is a reservoir?
131 Can I place an order for Plans and Specifications online?
132 Where to find the application form for Tract and Parcel Map number on line?
133 I am working on an approved Tentative Tact Map. Is the Final Tract Map number going to be the same as the Tentative Tract Map number. Or, one have to apply for a different Final Tract Map number for filing of the Final Map with the Los Angeles County.
134 The street light in front of my house is out. I live in the City of Los Angeles. Who do I contact to get it fixed?
135 Does the County now have the latest "Standard types of subdivision Certificates and acknowledgements" available on the internet?
136 What is a letter of Non-Objection??
137 Would it be possible to cross reference Tract map numbers with book and page, i.e. look up Tract maps by map number instead of by book and page? Thank you
138 What is the fee for Final Map processing? Do your Filing Fees include the permit fee? If not, where can I find information on the permit fees? Thank you.
139 Doesn't urban runoff get treated in the same way as sewage?
140 I need to acquire a copy of the county's hillside ordinance for a single-family residential project in Los Angeles county.
141 We submitted a tentative tract map to the City of Los Angeles Building and Zoning agency but were told we first have to obtain a property Tract number from you. Which office do we go to and what are the requirements to obtain such a number?
142 Is there a timeframe for putting away trash cans? My neighbors have left trash/recycle bins, with trash in both, out for 2 weeks.
143 The City of Culver City is revising the Subdivision chapter of our Land Usage Municipal Code. I've been told that the County has such a chapter that is quite admirable. May I obtain a copy of it?
144 Where can I find a list of job openings in your department?
145 I am going through the plan check process and I have been asked to fill out a Highway Referral Form 48-0040-DPW. What is it, who does it go to, and where do I get or download it?
146 How does one get a copy of a final tract map?
147 What are the procedures for renewing contracts with Public Works? Where can I receive information related to my current contract with Public Works?
148 How do I access a website that provides the insurance forms; CA 00 01 and CG 00 01.
149 What are the forms or requirements to close an industrial wastewater treatment system?
150 Where can I locate the county standards for installation of a sanitary sewer and a lift pump to the county sewer line.
151 How can I send a letter to your Director?
152 Do "Water Standby" direct assessments apply to developed as well as undeveloped properties?
153 How can I obtain information regarding industrial waste/underground storage tank permitting?
154 What information should I bring to the public counter in order to obtain industrial waste clearance?
155 I noticed strangers going through my recycling bin. What should I do?
156 How do I arrange for large trash items to be picked up from my home?
157 Does the County of Los Angeles require a minumum setback distance from the trace of an active fault for development of a single family residence in an unincorporated area? Or does the County rely on the setback established by the State?
158 Which public agencies are involved?
159 We are developing a 5 lot subdivision in Canoga Park. One of the conditions of this development requires coordination with LA County DPW with regards to any discharge into Browns Creek Channel. Please let me know the proper contact person and information that would be able to help clear this condition with LA City. Thank you,
160 If a property-owner in wanted to sell off/sub-divide a part of the lot on which his/her own house stands, what procedures would have to be followed?
161 What are some of the issues with reservoirs?
162 Do I need a permit to park a trash container in the street?
163 Would you let me know where can I find a Tax Bond Form and information as to where to process. I already have the tax bond amount. Thank you
164 I received a list of required fees and materials for separate document submittals in regards to a proposed easement for sewer purposes and was curious as to where I may find two of the documents; full sized copies of any recorded maps, as well as recorded easement documents. Any references would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
165 what is the procedure in LAC for merging and resubdividing a final map as per section 66499.20 1/2 of the map act? what is the procedure in LAC for reversion to acreage for a final map as per sections 66499.11 et seq of the map act? please provide any applicable local ordinance requirements thank you
166 I am currently looking into a piece of land apn#2063-007-021 Tract 29277 Lot 1 and want to know if the land can be subdivided into 3 parcels and how to go about it if possible.
167 My husband and I are co-owners of a piece of land in Lancaster, LA County. Actually we have a total of 4 families owing the land. Now we decided to divide the land into 4 parcels so we can each own individual property. Please advise what forms we need to use to apply for the land division. Also, please advise, how much does it cost for the division? Hope I can hear from asap. Tracy Wang
168 How can I obtain parcels (polygons preferable) and street centerlines (with address ranges) in ESRI shapefile format? I am interested in the entire county, not just the city and zip entered above. I have been unable to find any resources other than the GIS data viewer. It is helpful to an extent, but having the actual data to display in our GIS would be much better. Thanks David Wisbey NSD Maps A division of Datamap Intelligence, LLC
170 I am new in town and would like to know how to get a copy of your latest design standards. Also, where would I find manhole spacing requirements for storm drain and sewer based on mainline pipe diameter??
171 Hello I am a surveyor from out of county and am trying to do some research on a parcel. I need Tract Map no. 23145 recorded in Map Book 631-90-92. Is there somewhere online where I can retrieve recorded maps in Los Angeles County? If not who do I call or e-mail to request a copy of the plat. Thank You. John
172 Can you please email me the documents/forms necessay to fill out regarding splitting this residential lot into to separate parcels. There are currently two existing houses on this lot and my client would like me to gather all the forms she needs to fill out in order to get this procedure moving forward.
174 I live in the unincorporated part of Covina. This area is considered a high-fire area. I have about 7 neighbors that clearly do not maintain their weeds and dead brush. Who do I contact to report this?
175 Where can I take VHS tapes to be disposed of correctly?
176 the railroad tracks running through our area have been taken over by home owners, extending fences onto the areas near the tarcks. the area i am refering to is one of the bigger eye sores in our town. decaying ply wood, trash and all kinds of odd building materials and the taggers love the place. can anyone force these people to clean this up, how about the railroad do they have any interest in getting people off there land dose my local goverment Rep care. where do i start? HELP PLEASE
177 I live in Glendora in an area that lands in the LA County, not Glendora City, juristiction. I am doing some long term planing for some landscaping plans ideas my family is exploring. I need to discuss setbacks or any other guildlines we should be aware of. Who should I discuss this with? Or is there an on line resource I can referance? Thanks in advance for your efforts and input!
178 Subject: Standard title sheet Where can I find a standard title sheet for a project in the County of Los Angeles? That would include for example General Notes, and where they are to be located on a title sheet. This request is for a Pedestrian Bridge project.
179 Please tell me what department I call to find out if a vacant lot zoned residential in Los Angeles county is buildable. And the phone number please.
180 How can I reduce my flood insurance cost?
181 Where can I see--or acquire--a parcel map (Subdivision) in order to check notations, easements, &c. LACO local Office in Calabasas? Alhambra?
182 We are preparing a final parcel map in the City of Arcadia. Does the County do the plan checking? If so, what are the fees and do you have an application for filing the map?
183 Who do I contact to get a copy of a lot split that is occuring in the unincorporated area of Los Angeles County?
185 I am preparing a tentative map in the Temple City and wanted to get the County standards for private driveway with cul-de-sac. I downloaded the private drive-local cul-de-sac w/parallel parking and the private drive local from your website. What I am looking for are the design standards for the cul-de-sac (ie. min. radius).
186 What is the minimum text height for a Public Works Street Plan?
187 I need to pull a parcel map # for a site in alhambra. The owner wants me to map all of his property. One piece of his property lies across the street from the larger piece. Can I use the same map # for subdividing all of his property on both sides of the street? How do I apply for a subdivision # ?
188 What is "Point Source" Pollution?
189 Where is a landfill where I can drop off a pick up truck load of trash?
190 When is the next household hazardous waste (HHW) and e-waste collection event for our area?
191 Where can I dispose of car batteries?
192 How can i get a list of the unincorporated communities of Los Angeles County?
193 How do I get a permit to film or photograph in the road right-of-way or on county property?
194 When do I need a permit for working in the road?
195 What is the turn-around time for processing storm drain permit connection applications?
196 Can I build a structure within the proximity of a landfill?
197 What hydraulic program does the County use and how do I get it?
198 When did construction start, and when is it scheduled to be finished?
199 I want to enroll in Auto Pay, but your website won't let me.
200 Where is the sediment and debris removed from debris basins and reservoirs taken?
201 Can I bypass the securtiy desk when submitting a bid?
202 Can I bypass the securtiy desk when submitting a bid?
203 Can I bypass the securtiy desk when submitting a bid?
204 The no watering between 10am and 10pm... is this still in effect? There are a few homes in my area that water during these times.
205 Can the County levy a special tax for the County Flood Control District? If so, who approves the levy?
206 How do I find current information about current and future commercial and residential construction planning/progress? Thanks -
207 . . . (coming soon) - I need to know # copies required for MTD Storm Drain Plan submittal. Folded or Not. Drainage Plan, Hydrology-Drainage Calcs, anything else ? Please advise - thank you, in advance - Don
208 How long will I need to have flood insurance?
209 I would like to test a back yard soil sample for pH balance, minerals, nutrients, etc. Who do I send soil samples to for testing? Thank you for your help!
210 Hello, I live in the City of Los Angeles. How do I find out if the owner of my 6 unit apartment building pays the recycling fee? We do not have any recycling bins and my neighbors in the building say it is because the landlord doesn't want to pay for it. But from reading your website it sounds like it is automatically in the waste hauler bill that he already pays. If he is already paying the recycling fee, then we would like to get recycle bins. All of the buildings next to us recycle with the city's pick up service. Thanks for your help. Meredith
211 What is "Nonpoint Source" Pollution?
212 Where can I obtain the "Guidelines for Report Submittals" published by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works?
213 Who should I contact concerning training needs and services within your department?
214 Do you have a division that deals with old or "junk out" items the county no longer wants? If so, do you auctioned them off and who do we contact for more information?
215 Where on your website can I find the holiday schedule for Los Angeles County Department of Public Works?
216 As a developer, how would I obtain the necessary permits for the construction of roads, sewers, storm drains, and utilities for a new development.
217 Can you give me a list of locations of legal, approved sewage disposal facilities?
218 I would like to know how to dispose of a working home appliance (such as a window air conditioner, freezer, etc.).
219 How much is the project, and how is it funded?
220 What are the issues of each sediment placement site?
221 What is the Flood Control District doing to address the levee's flood capacity?
222 I would like to obtain a copy of California Urban Runoff Best Management Practices Handbooks for Construction Activity, Municipal and Industrial/Commercial. Can you please provide directions on how to get a copy?
223 The street light in front of my house is not working. Who do I report this to so that it can be fixed?
224 Can I get a Connection Permit Application Form from your web site? Also, do I have to fill out a Water Quality Agreement?
225 A traffic sign on our street has been defaced with grafitti. I tried to clean it off but was not successful. Can it be cleaned or replaced?
226 Do I need a permit to put up a sign on my own property?
227 What is an Encroachment Permit?
228 Who can I contact to report mosquitoes problems?
229 What was the impact to the District's facilities due to the Station Fire?
230 How can I be kept informed on the development of alternatives?
231 What is Low Impact Development (LID)?
232 Who do I contact to file a claim with the County?
233 How do SUSMP and construction activity BMPs differ?
234 What is the Sediment Management Strategic Plan?
235 Why is it important to understand the risks associated with levees?
236 What is a Construction Permit?
237 What are the guidelines and criteria for issuing storm drain connection permits?
238 What is the difference between a SWPPP and a BMP?
239 Is the Flood Control District investigating additional sediment placement sites or alternative ways for disposing of material?
240 Where can I view FEMA's current flood maps, also known as Flood Insurance Rate Maps?
241 There's been a street light out in front of my house for almost a year now. Can I get an answer as to who IS supposed to handle this?
242 What are the county requirements to obtain a Solid Waste transfer station operating permit?
243 How do I get a permit to construct a driveway for my property?
244 What does "first flush" mean?
245 What types of services can be provided?
246 Will the Flood Control District be looking at the possibility of selling the sediment to help defray the cost of sediment management?
247 I am fairly certain that there is a County Storm Drain at a specific location in the City of Carson; but, it doesn't appear on the GIS and there is no link to view the plans. How can I find these plans?
248 The Standard Plans Manual posted on-line does not have the curb and gutter detail (detail 120-1). Is there a way that you can email a pdf of this detail and/or include it in the manual that is posted on-line? Thank you.
249 To whom it may concern: I'm looking for Los Angeles County Public Works Standard Drawing 304-1. I can't seem to find it. Is there anywhere in your website where I can download this standard drawing? Thank You, Jose C. J&R Concrete Products (951) 943-5855
250 In the Draft Revise January 10, 2008 of the Updated Structure Design Manual, April 1982, Section I - Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Page I-6, the first paragraph of Section I-4 Concrete Cover for Reinforcement does not comply with Section 207-2.4.2 Location of Reinforcement of the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (Greenbook).
251 Does my homeowners insurance cover damage caused by flooding?
252 We added a family room off our garage without the proper permit and am now in the process of selling this home. I want to include this additional square footage to the total square footage of my home, but understand that it must first be approved. How can I get this approved now?
253 Does the Department have a long range plan or strategic plan?
254 I am looking for information regarding waste biomass that may be available in the L.A. area for a biofuel plant. Can you put me in contact with someone who may be able to provide some details? Thanks, Robert Rapier
255 What are the fees for a road permit?
256 How do I apply for a permit to connect to a storm drain?
257 How do BMPs relate to TMDL regulations?
258 How do I determine where my property lines are?
259 How much material was removed from debris basins during the 2009/2010 storm season?
260 Where do I buy flood insurance?
261 I have a problem concerning a Transportation Permit. My max width should be 12' 0" and max height should be 14' 0", but the permit prints "Legal" in these fields. Can this problem be corrected.
262 How can I get a list of contractors who stripe and mark county roads?
263 What is the impact on ground water from infiltration or porous pavement BMPs?
264 What steps are being taken to mitigate the impact of truck traffic on residential streets near debris basins and sediment placement sites?
265 How much will flood insurance cost?
266 What type of permit do I need to install a monitoring well? Do I then need an annual permit each year?
267 How do I get permission to modify a County storm drain or catch basin?
268 Why harvest rainwater?
269 What is a Preferred Risk Policy and how do I apply for one?
270 Which BMPs are recommended for which pollutants?
271 Are electronic files of the standard plans available on line for use as a reference?
272 I want to dig a hole for a flag pole and mail box. It requires a concrete anchor and may be several feet deep. How do I find out where any underground utilities might be located so that I can avoid them?
273 What is the planning/permitting process for use of a sediment placement site?
274 Can I carry a preferred Risk Policy for as long as I am required to carry flood insurance?
275 To what standards should BMPs be implemented?
276 How does the Flood Control District determine where a sediment placement site should be?
277 How much flood insurance am I required to carry?
278 Who has had experience with certain types of BMPs?
279 Is sediment material toxic or dangerous to human health?
280 What will happen if I do not buy flood insurance when it is required?
281 Are BMPs effective?
282 What is a BMP "treatment train"?
283 I'm a developer providing a joint utility trench for the utility companies. Do I need a permit?
284 Can I get an excavation permit to connect my house water line to the main line?
285 How do I gain access to a County channel?
286 Are mosquitoes a problem with stormwater BMPs, can mosquitoes be eliminated from BMPs, and what preventive devices work best?
287 How do I get setup with an account so I could order Transportation Permits on-line?
288 Where can I get a copy of the Newsrack Ordinance for the County of Los Angeles?
289 How do I get an annual permit for transporting extra legal loads over County roads?
290 Where do I get the hydrology for a storm drain system constructed by the county?
291 What is a City Services Representative?
292 Airport Influence Area Maps. Effective January 1, 2004, home sellers are required to disclose to perspective buyers if properties are located within Airport Influence Areas. Where can I find more information?
293 What is the expected turnaround time for processing my permit?
294 May I get copies of the right-of-way maps for a County storm drain or channel?
295 What is the recommended horizontal and vertical separation for underground utilities?
296 How does the County approve proprietary stormwater BMPs?
297 What do I need to submit to obtain a permit for the construction of a sewer main?
298 How are private development projects involving BMPs evaluated by the County?
299 What are the rules/regulations regarding newly paved streets where a proposed private construciton project will have to cut into newly paved areas? In addition, who, when and where does one get an official notification that a particular Department of Public Works project is completed or approved?
300 I am trying to find out who to contact regarding information for obtaining permission to hold a "block party" for our neighborhood in an unincorporated area of the County. We would like to block off one end of our street. How can I go about this?
301 Does the Department of Public Works issue permits for production or monitoring wells?
302 Do I need a permit to cut or prune my oak tree?
303 How do I conserve water in my garden?
304 Where can I get red worms (foetida) for my worm bin?
305 Do I need a permit to place a dumpster in front of my house?
306 What is a "Certified Full Capture" BMP?
307 Who do I report graffiti to?
308 I completed the work for my permit and would like to get my deposit refunded. When can I expect my refund?
309 How do I get a dog out of the channel?
310 What are the County's health and safety requirements for above-ground rain barrels and cisterns?
311 How would I get the most current information about prevailing wages (rates, etc.)?
312 Why do I need a transportation permit and what is the fee for?
313 Where can I find information on Airport Noise from LAX and window replacement? I would like to apply for window replacements as the noise from the Airplanes coming down is overbearing. My house is located in the landing path.
314 What are the major terms and conditions the City agrees to in making service requests of the Department?
315 Do I need a permit for a bike race or parade?
316 What criteria exist in Los Angeles County to prevent hydromodification?
317 Who would I report a broken gate around a channel to?
318 Where can I find specific laws regarding the removal and/or trimming of Oak trees? What is the process for getting a permit to remove them if a permit is necessary to remove them?
319 Someone parks a boat on the street in front of my property on a permanent basis. Are there any regulations reguarding the parking of boats on the street for extended periods of time and can anything be done about it?
320 Is my property in a flood hazard zone?
321 When do I have to obtain an oversize load permit? How do I obtain one?
322 Is there a way you can put the "Green Book" online in PDF format, like other cities have done with their Standards & Drawings?
323 I am looking for the sewer wye maps and depth of the sewer main. I am also looking for sub-structures other than sewers.
324 Could you explain what the Department means by Operations, Maintenance, and Design, and how these terms are different?
325 Are there any programs that offer free mulch to residents of Los Angeles County or the city of Arcadia?
326 I attended a composting workshop in April '06 at Birney Elementary School in Long Beach. The instructor mentioned a recipe to kill white flies. I have a hibiscus plant that continues to be plagued by these flies. I don't want to use chemicals because there are these tiny black/grey birds that like to eat the flies but they don't eat them all. I have also heard that we have bats in the area. Is that true? I live next to Seal Beach where there is a wetlands located on the Seal Beach Navy Base. If we do have bats, I'd like to find a bathouse for my yard. I hear that they consume 500 bugs an hour. Is it safe to house bats in suburbia?? Please forward me the white fly recipe. Is it a recipe to use on any plant for any problem ie snails? Thanks!
327 What regulations govern aircraft noise at and around airports in California?
328 How can aircraft fly quieter?
329 There is construction work in my street which is causing various types of problems. Who do I call?
330 I have a storm drain easement running through my property and I would like to build over it. What are the requirements for building over the storm drain?
331 I would like to install a utility line under, over, across, or along a County Flood Control facility. What do I do?
332 There is a spill draining into a catch basin or channel. Who should I notify?
333 Is someone authorized to ask for donations for painting my address on the curb?
334 Does L.A. County have any seismic codes requiring owners of pre 1975 concrete tilt up buildings to retrofit said buildings?
335 I would like to know the location, depth and the size of a sewer line out in the street?
336 Where can I obtain a copy of an “As-Built” sanitary sewer plan?
337 Why is there a fee for the Consolidated Sewer Maintenance District on my property tax roll if my property is not connected to the sewers?
338 Where can I obtain a sewer design manual?
339 Who do I contact about sewage overflowing from a manhole into the street?
340 What is a sewer backwater valve and who is required to have them?
341 Sewage is backing up into my house/building through overflowing toilets, sinks, bathtubs, dishwasher, and/or washing machines. What should I do?
342 What are the Department of Public Works and the property owner responsibilities for the sewer?
343 Who do I contact about problems (odors, roaches/rodents infestation, sewer blockages, loose manhole cover, etc.) coming from the public sewer main?
344 I have a sewer easement running through my property and I would like to build over it. What are the requirements for building over a sewer easement?
345 How do I obtain a sewer saddle installation permit?
346 What are the sewer connection procedures for Marina Del Rey and the Aneta Zone?
347 I am proposing to construct an extension to my existing property, and I was told that I can obtain "Drainage Release Covenants" from my neighbors as an alternate to completing a hydrology study. (The extension will infringe on the "flood fringe" by 6 feet.) Are there standard forms which the County has for such Drainage Release Covenants?
348 What is the process to close an alley? The alley next to my home is not used by residents. It is used by gangs as a hang out, for grafitti, illegal dumping, abandoning vehicles and other illegal activities.
349 Where can I obtain standard plans on your internet site?
350 Where is the website for obtaining lists of upcoming major construction projects out for bid?
351 Does the Department of Public Works have bike trail maps available for distribution?
352 Who do I contact to get a tree planted in my parkway?
353 How can I obtain the original plans for my house?
354 How is groundwater reached?
355 Is there a way to get a drawing (on-line) of my property that includes the property-lines and my house situated within the property?
356 Where does our water come from? All the places if possible.
357 How do I go about having a piece of land split into two? I would like to build two homes on the land but I need to have two addresses.
358 Can I obtain a copy of the construction plans submitted by the builder for my house?
359 What is the term of a Subdivision Tax Bond?
360 How can I obtain job classifications and associated salary ranges for various positions?
361 I would like to put a sidewalk in the small access between my front lawn and the street. The property is currently grass/weeds. Other houses on my street have sidewalk sections but not all. What permits are required and what requirements must I consider if I decide to do it myself?
362 How do I obtain the latest copy of the LA County Highway Design Manual?
363 Can you help me get information on the number of commercial building permits issued in Los Angeles County in 2000 and 2001? Do you have the $ value of the construction?
364 I live in the unicorporated area of Monrovia and would like to build a block wall 6 feet high. Do I need a permit for this?
365 What type of permit(s) are needed for a swimming pool in the County?
366 I am considering building a concrete wall between my house and my neighbor's. What are the necessary procedures? Do I need to obtain a permit? If so, what are the building rules & regulations necessary to obtain a permit? Do I need to have a survey for the site? How is the cost determined by two parties?
367 Is construction of a detached wood frame garage generally permitted within an Earthquake Fault Zone Non-Structural Setback Zone?
368 Are there programs that exchange old toilets that use a lot of water to flush, for new water conserving toilets?
369 Q1: What is the width and length of a handicapped parking stall for a park in LA county? Q2: What is the width and length of a regular car parking stall for a park in LA County also?
370 Is the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction located on-line? Can you please advise where on-line these specifications can be found?
371 How do I obtain a copy of the County's WSPG (F0515P) hydraulic program.
372 Does the Los Angeles County Flood Control District have a web address or is it part of the Public Works Department?
373 How can I obtain unpublished monthly data for water conserved in the spreading grounds.
374 Can I submit a blank application with my resume and have you determine what job I qualify for?
375 Can I just submit my resume and a cover letter to apply for a job?
376 What examinations do I have to take for the job classification?
377 What is Veteran's Credit and how do I use it?
378 What about applicants with disabilities?
379 How do I obtain an interview?
380 Do I have to take any medical examination?
381 Tell me about the Probationary period.
382 Where can I get study guide materials?
383 Who can I talk to if I don't agree with the charges on my bill and want to know why I was charged?
384 There appear to be errors or incorrect charges on my invoice. How can I get the invoice corrected?
385 How do I get a copy of an invoice and/or detailed documentation for charges?
386 How do I find out whether my payment has been received and credited to my account?
387 I submitted payment but I am still getting past due notices. How can I find out what happened?
388 I received a past due notice and want a copy of old invoices. How do I get copies of them?
389 What is the remittance address if a customer needs to make a payment to the Department of Public Works?
390 How do I get a credit invoice or a refund, and when can I expect to receive it?
391 How do I get a copy of a permit?
392 How can I determine the location of the work performed corresponding to the charges on my invoice?
393 Why am I being sent a past due notice?
394 Why was my account referred for collection? What do I need to do now to clear my account?
395 What is the penalty for having my check dishonored and how do I clear my account if my check was dishonored?
396 Can I pay my invoice with a credit card?
397 Where can I pay my invoice in person?
398 I have provided goods/services to the Department of Public Works. Who do I contact to inquire about whether my invoice was received?
399 How can I find out the payment status of my invoice?
400 What if I receive a payment and do not know what it is for?
401 How fast does the Department of Public Works pay its bills?
402 What information do I have to include on my invoice in order to receive timely payment?
403 Why was my invoice "short-paid" (payment was less than the amount of invoice)?
404 What do I do if my invoice is returned with a written notice that it was not paid due to a missing or invalid purchase order number?
405 What is the status of my refund? When can I expect to receive it?
406 Does the Department of Public Works have a financial customer service unit and how can I contact customer service staff? What services does the unit provide?
407 What is the Department of Public Works' Federal Tax ID number?
408 What is the Department of Public Work's street address?
409 I was required to provide a Letter of Credit in lieu of a cash deposit as a performance bond or to guarantee the payment of future improvements. How can I find out when my Letter of Credit will be released?
410 I want to move my property line farther back.who do i contact regarding moving my property line?
411 Are developmental goals required?
412 Can I review/get copies of my previous performance evaluations?
413 What if I've passed probation for an item I've laterally transferred on?
414 How are temporary employees rated?
415 What is in the water that turns the sinks and tubs blue and what can be used to clean the blue off that is safe?
416 Where can I get the guidelines or parameters for submitting a Record of Survey and the cost or fees to do so? Thanks
417 What are the most common construction site water quality BMP violations?
418 How do I acquire information that will enable me to find patronage daily boardings and Alightings for every bus line and on all buses that travel in the city of L.A. i.e., Dash, Culver City Bus, Big Blue Bus & Commuter Express?
419 Does the Department of Public Works provide water and power services? If so, in which areas?
420 Who can I contact to find a map of los angeles county with depth to water table data and monitoring well locations similiar to the one on the website except in GIS data format?
421 Can I pay my bill online with paypal, and am trying to find out if "Los Angeles Municipal Service" is who I select when using paypall
422 I am looking for information on bridges in the City of Los Angeles.
423 I am looking for some information regarding a production well. I know the well number but is not located on the map, possibly because it might no longer be a producing well. Who can I contact to research or to submit a research request?
424 Can I obtain zoning information regarding property in Los Angeles County via the internet?
425 Do you have rainfall intensity curves for your rainfall gage stations? Who can I contact to obtain these?
426 How can you determine the status of a well displayed on the GIS database? Are all of the wells in the database active, pumping wells or are some inactive or even abandoned?
427 How do I update my profile as a vendor?
428 Where can I get information about rubber dams?
429 Where can I find information about a Los Angeles County Flood Control District storm drain system pathway from a facility to its discharge point?
430 Page 4-7 of your Sedimentation Manual (June 1993) refers to the Departments "Debris Dams and Basins Design Manual." Where may I locate on your web site?
431 What is the latest edition of the Los Angeles County Flood Control District Design Manual and Project Preparation Instruction Manual? Please e-mail me back the date of the new edition, the price, and where I should send the payment
432 How do I obtain an electronic copy of your "Debris Dams and Basin Design Manual" ?
433 Do you offer internships for college students?
434 Has the levee design criterion been updated since it was published in the 1982 Design Manual Hydraulic?
435 How can I request graffiti removal?
436 Are there current versions of the "Gray Book", Flood Control Standard Drawings, and Sanitation District Standard Drawings available?
437 What considerations for wheelchair travel along Grand Ave during construction have been made?
438 Does the Dept. of Public Works have records of the locations of L.A. County Flood Control storm drains and catchbasins (pertaining to a particular property)? Is there a specific contact number for L.A. County Flood Control District questions?
439 What benefits does Los Angeles County Department of Public Works offer to its employees?
440 How do I update our company profile?
441 What is an ICC (formerly ICBO) Certificate, and how can I obtain one?
442 My land is in flood zone A ,what does it mean? Thanks
443 How can I find information about open bids and RFPs or awarded bids and contracts?
444 How can I purchase a copy of the latest hydrology and sedimentation manual?
445 Do you rent out your conference rooms?
446 How can I reach the Controller's office?
447 Why does the computer check the box for special provisions regarding bridge clearances for a legal height permit?
448 Are any of your engineering meeting and forums open to engineers who do not work for the County?
449 I am not able to access well or groundwater records anymore. Is there a restriction on this information?
450 To Whom It May Concern, I would like to pay you with PayPal.
451 Are LA county design standards on your web site? Where are they located or how do I obtain them?
452 What Agency has the juristiction on the movement of dirt for agriculture on land that is zoned A-2 in the county of Los angeles? Are there any restrictions? What are they and who do I contact?
453 Where can I find a list of the Board members with contact information?
454 Where can I find more information on county surplus properties (computer, equipment, furniture, etc...) and how do I get on a mailing list for such items?
455 Where can I obtain the PDF files for the LA County Hydrology Design Manual appendices?
456 For the new Tc calculation (using a spread sheet), can the results be directly used in Mora?
457 How I can become a vendor with Los Angeles County?
458 Are there any volunteer service programs with your department?
459 How to maintain sewer?
460 I'm interested in becoming a vendor to the County of Los Angeles, where do I start?
461 I have some old fluorescent tubes and an empty propane tank from my barbeque I need to dispose of. Where can I get rid of these?
462 Where can I obtain rainfall totals for a specific location?
463 How can I pay my water bill using a credit card?
464 Where can I find a link to the new Solid Waste Disposal Reporting System?
465 I am considering purchasing property at this location. I need to know what is required to hook up to county water. What are the permit & connection fees? What size water main? What else do I need to know for this project?
466 How do I report a broken link on the website?
467 Where can I find subdivision digital information, such as parcel maps, tract maps, and survey data?
468 How do I dispose of used cooking oil or grease?
469 Why is the information on this website copyrighted?
470 I am licensed with the County and have moved. How do I update my information?
471 What is the Invoice Payment Status Inquiry (IPSI)?
472 Who can I contact if I do not know my vendor number or if I have an invalid vendor number for the Invoice Payment Status Inquiry (IPSI) screen?
473 Who can I contact if I do not know my purchase order number or if I have an invalid purchase order number for the Invoice Payment Status Inquiry (IPSI) screen?
474 What if I am requesting the payment status for an invoice that is not listed on the Invoice Payment Status Inquiry (IPSI) screen?
475 If the status of my invoice in the Invoice Payment Status Inquiry (IPSI) screen is Payment in Process, how long does the payment process take?
476 What if I obtained a check number and issue date from the Invoice Payment Status Inquiry (IPSI) screen but I have not received the check?
477 What if the check amount provided by the Invoice Payment Status Inquiry (IPSI) screen is less than the amount of the invoice I submitted for payment?
478 Is there MORA (F0601) for Windows? How can I obtain it?
479 Where could I get a copy of postings and brochures for the food and restaurant industry pertaining to the Best Management Practices (BMP) program?
480 How can I put the water bill under a different name?
481 How do I obtain a new trash bin if I live in the City of Los Angeles?
482 How do I dispose of or recycle an old toliet?
483 Are your water bills considered public record?
484 Are job postings available online?
485 My neighbors and I live off a dirt road. We would like to know how we get theis road dedicated to the County to have it paved and maintained and what are the associated costs.
486 How can I safely dispose of mercury thermometers?
487 What is the NTMP?
488 What does NTMP stand for?
489 How do I get rid of old furniture?
490 As a Soil Scientist-GIS Specialist with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, it concerns me that the soils map available for downloading at, does not contain metadata, which could lead to misrepresentation of the data by end users. At least, a source for the data would be helpful and appreciated. Russell Almaraz USDA NRCS Lancaster Service Center
491 I need to know the nearsest public supply water well, direction, state and county well number, surface elevation, depth to water, and date of last measurement. Also can I get the phone number of the hydrologic unit that answers these questions?
492 We have 10 acres and 40 acre parcels on Windrush Rd. We would like to split them. What are the requirements and forms necessary to complete these transaction with the county of Los Angeles? Thank you.
493 Can a person check for Los Angeles County permits via the Internet?
494 In addition to the items listed below, what will be needed at the time of filing an application for a permit for a 6 stall breezeway/shedrow horse barn. 1. Plot plan approval (2 sets) 2. Engineered Structural calculations (2 sets) 3. Engineered drawings (2 sets)
495 Where can I find your most up-to-date hydrology/hydraulic manual for the County of LA online?
496 How do I find out where to dispose of my old computer equipment?
497 Pothole on ramp where W 5th street entrance ramp onto 110 north merges with 110 North. Near end ramp where lane is actually parallel to 110 freeway. We are almost at freeway speed when we hit this pothole.
498 Does your Department study the erosion process termed "dry ravel" in San Gabriel Mountains watersheds?
499 I am buying some property and I would like to have the land surveyed. Would this be done by the county? If not, how would I do this?
500 Good morning, I'm a Politecnico of Milan Student. I'm developing a thesis about the erosion process termed dry ravel. I need information about fire and debris basin data in San Gabriel Mountains watersheds, in particular regarding Lower Brown Canyon and Falls Canyon. May you post me all information you have about these arguments? Thank you, Pietro Agosti
501 I am planning to convert a closet into a bathroom and add a small addition to my house (about 400 square feet). Do I need a building permit, and if so, what is the procedure to obtain one?
502 I am planning to add a small addition to my house (about 400 square feet). Do I need professionally drafted plan or can I draw one as the owner? About how long would it take to obtain a permit?
503 A few weeks ago, I was able to find a listing online of the requirements for a building permit such as what size building does and doesn't require a building permit. During the last few days, I have been unable to refind this info. If this info is still available online, please provide the link info.
504 what are the approved materials for sanitary sewer pipes : RCP, Clay, plastic ( brand / type ), HDPE ...etc Are there any available standards & details for these pipes from the current City design plan / manuals? How to obtain a copy ?
505 Where can I download a Tax Bond Estimate Declaration form?
506 What are the criteria for K-12 students to qualify for a subsidized bus pass? The website refers to unincorporated areas of the county. Which are those?
507 Dear Sir: I have a question for your Hydrology Manual-L.A. County Department of Public Work. At page 4-26, which is regarding to D. Small Developed Drainage Area Method, I found in D-3 Finding Runoff Rate, which indicated that there is a example in Appendix L. I also searched in" MODIFIED RATIONAL METHOD HYDROLOGY SUPPORT FILES", but I cannot find Appendix L, which only include Appendix A to Appendix H. Please help me locate the Appendix L for this example of demonstration of using Small Developed Drainage Area Method Thanks
508 How do I dispose of compressed gas (CO2) cylinders?
509 hi, I am currently working for the Department of Health Services and a nurse at my work site told me about a program of professional workers and she gave me your number. I work full time and go to school and she said that there was a program in which the county helped these student workers out. can i get more information on this? you can call me or email me, i would greatly appreciate it. thanx
510 We have very low water pressure. If we have the sprinklers or the washing machine on then we have just a trickle coming from the faucets in the house. Is this normal? Can we fix it?
511 Can government plats be acquired by other means besides visiting the survey public counter at DPW Headquarters?
512 What are the rear and side required setbacks as well as required rear yard open area and any relevant building plans requirements for room addition?
513 Do I need a permit to put a fense around my house?
514 I was wondering if the fact that new housing developments have underground utilities such as phone and electrical vs. above ground found in older areas is due to a code change. If so, what is the code and when did it go into effect?
515 How many yard sales are permitted for residents of this area? (Avocado Heights, Citrus Heights)
516 Looking for "structural observation program and designation of the structural observer" form to place on construction plans per plan checker request.
517 How do I dispose of a vehicle that runs but has been in an accident?
518 Do you have your rough grading certification and precise grading certification forms on your website?
519 I plan to build a 3 feet high free-standing block wall in my backyard along my property line. However, the block wall will be situated along the edge of a downward slope of about 10 feet high. Do I need to get a permit for building this block wall?
520 I am looking for the standards on a full set of construction documents. I also need updated information for building codes for those projects (residential) to be built in the flight zone of LAX. I am looking at adding 1200 to 1800 s.f. to my existing home and remodeling the interior of the existing. I plan on undertaking this project as owner operator.
521 Where does LACWW get the potable water that it supplies Lancaster with?
522 I purchased a home that has unpermitted additions and conversions. Is there a such thing as "as is" permits since I have no information on who built them. Can/will the city fine me for having these unpermitted conversion/additions on my property? Is tearing them down mandatory?
523 My neighbor is building a playhouse that is about 12 feet tall with posts anchored in concrete. The Playhouse is set back from my back yard fence approximately 2 feet (23 inches) from my property line/fence. Is there a minimum set back for this kind of construction? Did they need a permit? Do I have any recourse if this is not to code?
524 Do you still have a map site where all the rain gages are located and that tell you the percipitation by the hour and minute?
525 1 Which Plumbing Code is now in effect and for how long ? 2 I haven't worked in LA County in a few years and need to come to the counter and ask s few questions to the mechanical plan checker, I need help sizing a water system for an up coming job, my question is : Can I get help over the counter and where ?
526 What is a 'check dam'.
527 I live in an un-incorporated part of L.A. county. Am I allowed to have live chickens as pets? If so, where can I get information about how many chickens I can have, if a permit is required, and any other information related to owning chickens?
529 If someone purchases a home in Altadena and wishes to make improvements, including additional space, what are the basic limitations on adding new square footage? I believe that in Pasadena, the maximum lot coverage is around 35%. Also, would a basement count as lot coverage if it also serves as a footing for new living space?
530 We want to build a two car garage in the front of our house. 1.What are the setback requirements from street and side property line, size & height limits, and other restrictions we need to know? 2. Where do we get permits, and which ones do we need? 3. Is there a way to determine our property lines without having to hire a surveyor?
531 I reside in North San Gabriel under the County unincorporate area. The property's lot size is about 55ft x 150ft. It's a one-story house. I would like to tear it down completely, and build a two-story with about 2500 sq ft. Please advice the contact information and the proper procedures on how to acquire the construction approval from the County.
532 Can I obtain Records of Survey Guidelines over the Internet?
533 Is it safe to throw out old VHS videotapes?
534 Concerning a 8'X16'storage shed, can you tell me what the setback is for a shed from the property line/fence? Also, what is the procedure to obtain permission to have the shed under an Oak tree? I've been told that the shed can not be under the drip area of the tree and I would need permission to build a shed under the tree.
535 I live in the second house of a 4 house private street. We all share a common driveway. My neighbor at the above address built a 7-8 foot concrete wall dividing our properties. It has created a huge blind spot for the back 3 houses. Is there a height limit? Also, my understanding is that this wall is called a return wall. It ends at my garage wall and turns in onto my property and meets my garage. At the other end of my garage, a 3 ft. wall existed. This wall was extended up to approx. 7 feet and another return wall meets the back end of my garage wall. I have no access to my garage wall or the full perimeter of my property. It is now a part of my neighbors back yard. Is a permit required for this? What can be done to regain access to the full perimeter of my property. Also, this wall was built on the 3 gas lines of the back houses including mine. How can I find out that this wall was built correctly on top of our gas lines? Thank you.
536 I'm looking to develope the property at the above intersection. I can't develope this property because, there is no water that goes to the property. I applied for a USAD loan, but was turned down soley because of this water proplem. I need help. Who can I go to?
537 I would like a copy of Table 4-1 from the Los Angeles County Plumbing Code. Where can I find this?
538 I need to know who to contact for graffiti removal.
539 My neighbor has diverted drainage from the hillside above their house. The drainage water originally flowed down their hillside. Their drainage channel now empties onto my property running across my upper driveway, which is dirt. The water has eroded a ditch, which is now more than a foot deep. Aren't they responsible for making sure that this diverted runoff water does not cause erosion on my property? In addition, it is beginning to undermine a public road.
540 I'm considering remodeling my kitchen which will include new cabinets, new appliances, flooring, some electrical, a range hood and homemade cabinets. It may also possibly including removing a load-bearing wall and replacing it with a beam. What permits will I need, and do I need a structural engineer to evaluate the beam before installation? Do I need approval before putting the beam in? Lastly, are there any restrictions on homemade cabinets regarding types of finishes?
541 I have a question. If someone wants to build in L.A. County, do they my code and law, must have a L.A. County address? This question pertains to someone wishing to build in L.A. County, but using a Ventura County address. This is a County Line question.
542 I am researching recorded property lines with regards to a disputed fence installation by the developer. Is this information now available to me and how do I obtain it?
543 My neighbor built a storage shed attaching to my detached garage and it encroaches 2 ft into my property line, what can I do?
544 Are permits required to build a backyard bbq island with a pergola covering it? pergola is free standing. what are the footing requirements?
545 How do I find an Assessor I.D. Parcel Number?
546 I would like to know how soil class used in hydrologic calculation for LA County is related to "Hydrologic Soil Group, (A, B, C, &D)?
547 Do I need a permit to build a front yard fence with a drive way entrance fence, made of wrought iron and stucco/brick poles, with an intended height of 48 to 52"? I have little kids and would like to close the open front yard/drive way for security reasons, ASAP. Please confirm. Thank you,
548 Can a property get a building permit with a well on another parcel a block away ( Approx. 2,000 feet or more)on private property?
549 When is a geotechnical report required in the unincorporated area of LA County? What triggers the requirement? Steepness? Fill? Scope of work? Would a Geo report be required to partially rebuild a fire damaged structure on a 1940's era filled pad? Thanks, R.
550 I am designing a private stormwater network for the Los Angeles City College (LACC) and I am in need for the corresponding undeveloped runoff coefficient (Cu) in order to determine the actual runoff coefficient to use in the calculation of the runoff flow (using the rational method). But the determination of Cu depends upon the relevant soil type and there is a table in Appendix D of your Hydrology/Sedimentation Appendix, that lists these soil types. My problem is that the names of these soils are not generic but relate to specific places such as Altamont Clay Loam, Chino Silt Loam and others. Do you have a map including the above-mentioned College area, and which gives the relevant soil type as listed in the table mentioned above? I would highly appreciate your answer Regards Amine
551 How can I obtain the sewer design sheets in AutoCAD.
552 What is section 609.7 of the Los Angeles County Plumbing Code and what does it say -- I can't seem to find it on the web
553 Are copies of permit records for properties (in the unincorporated Los Angeles County area) from the Building and Safety District Field Office in Arcadia available by mail, and what is the fee?
554 Can I get permit to build a house on vacant land?
555 My client is searching for a office/warehouse/manufacturing building. They manufacture aftermarket motorcycle parts. In the fabrication process they use the following machines: CNC machines, tig & mig welding, punch presses (over 20 ton rating) metal grinding and polishing (with dust collector.) They were presented with this building and told that is was in a M1.5 Zone. I am familiar with M1 Zone in the City of Los Angeles and have a have a print out of the regulations from their (City of L.A.) website. But I am not familiar with L.A. County zone regulations. Is there a list I can print out from your website or a list I can review in order to direct my client.
556 I am wanting to build on property that is 5 lots side by side and that are sub-sized. How do I reposition the property lines so instead of now having 5 lots there will be 4 lots that would be then sized to be able to build wider housing?
557 A neighbor up the street installed an aluminum garage on their property. In the windstorm last month it partially blew over. It is still sitting there in disrepair. Is such a type of structure legal?
558 My buyer's home inspector says the water heater in my garage needs a down spout from the pressure relief valve. Where does this downspout need to terminate to be up to building code? The hardware store salesman suggests that we use flexible copper braided hose that terminates a few inches above the garage floor. The inspector states it has to drain to the outside of the house which does not seem practical. Please help.
559 Are there any specific foundation underpinning requirements for a two story addition on an existing 12" footing.
560 I would like to dispose of dirt and bricks. Where can I drop them off?
561 Upon doing a large room addition can I install a kitchenette. Or is it permited to build a quest house on the property for my mother to stay in?
562 I would like to change my old Aluminum frame single glass to a double glazed glass Retro-Fit. Do I have to obtain a building permit? As someone said, we don't need to have a permit if we have not changed the frame. With Retro-Fit windows, we keep the old windows frame. Is that truth?? Thank you for your answering.
563 1) What does the LADPW require for deputy inspectors to work, re: certifications, project registration, fees, etc.? 2) Do the same requirements apply to all offices listed, district AND contract city? 3) Do contract cities have additional city requirements?
564 How do I dispose of a non-working freezer?
565 I'm looking for the form with title: Title 26 Chapter 67 Securit Requirements Plan Check Correction Sheet and can not find it on your site. Rev on my form says 9/28/99. Please let me know if you guys still have this form via internet. thanks!
566 I want to put paving on private dirt road and build a house in an unicorporated area of the county, the area does not have power or sewers. How would I find out the process to legally pave and build a house and put in a septic system, if power is not financially accessable can I build the house and use a propane generator instead of hooking up to Edison power over 1 mile away?
567 Where can the public find a list of road closures?
568 Hello, I am a resident of Val Verde, California. We recently had some very severe flooding that caused mudslides and other damage. I have mud that is three feet deep piled against the back of my house. I have many questions such as are there people who will help me get my house out of the mud?? Where do I put the dirt if I am lucky enough to find people to help me?? etc... Any help you could give me would be very appreciated! Thank you.
569 I wish to protect the cars in my driveway during the summer heat an inclimate weather. I understand there is a 20-foot setback to the front of a structure, but does this also apply to an aluminum/steel carport with open sides? Thank you for your time.
570 What the owner needs: Platt map showing septic tank and leech line location. Filed by builder to get building/Septic system permit. This is required to get permit and Health Dept. approval to replace the septit tank. I am the Realtor and agent for the owner. Thank you.
571 What roads are closed and when will they reopen?"
572 For a project that will be submittted for a permit, what is the applicable building code and model code?
573 Do I need to provid gas auto shut-off valve before on the market? Which city or county required gas auto shut-off valve? Thanks
574 How to dispose of old 3.5" floppy disks?
575 Can I download the stream gaging station data?
576 Please guide us how could we buy one copy of WSPG program from your department.
577 How do the recent rain events (December-2004 January-2005) compare to the historical data, is this considerd once every 25,50, or 100 year amount?
578 1. building set backs all property lines 2. min square footage lot size to build home 3. contact numbers
579 I have a guy who is putting in a sliding door. Does he need T-24 Energy Calcs? If so, is there a simple form for meeting Package D requirements or does the project need to be modeled by computer?
580 I received a Notice of Violation for addition and alteration to 2nd dwelling unit above garage. I've been requested to submit plans for the cited work. Is it possible for me to get plans for this addition that has already been completed and is it acceptable?
581 during the recent rains specificly 12-27-04 thru 1-11-05 at the calabasas-agoura station #434 how does this compare to historical data is it considerd 5-15-25--50-100 year event?
582 Firstly: Does one need a permit to cut steps into a slope on one's property, i.e. with RR ties and gravel fill, in order to more easily access nearby hiking trails? Secondly: Do steps like these have to remain within the 10,000 sq. ft. 'building footprint' as possibly required by this part of the county?
584 I am looking for a structural set of plans for this commercial buidling. Where do I go to get copies of these plans?
585 I would like to access the flow record of a storm drain system. Please let me know how to get that.
586 Want a fence is not maintianed around an old swimming pool, can the building depatment force them to repair the fence?
587 I'm looking for some general information about processing a lot line adjustment in the County of Los Angeles. I've been unable to reach anyone at the Regional Planning Department who can help me. 1) Who is the contact person at the County who shepherds a lot line application through the process? 2) At some point, or at several points, is Planning Department review a part of the process? 3) Must a recorded Record of Survey be attached to a lot line adjustment application (in addition to the worded legal description of the property to be adjusted), which shows where the existing property line is, and where the new line will be? 4) Is there a limit to the number of adjusted lots that can be referenced in one lot line adjustment application? 5) What is the estimated time it takes from filing a lot line adjustment application, through recording it with the Los Angeles County Recorder?
588 How or where can I apply for a county plumber's license and how much are the fee's for obtaining this license?
589 Where can I obtain specific zoning details if I have an APN or just thomas guide coordinates? Is there some site I can just input nfo and get the zoning ordinance?
590 does a person need an excavation permit for dumping dirt in his yard?
591 What agency holds and governs building plans in the County and/or city of Los Angeles?
592 There is an 18' sewer easement running along the north edge (rear) of a property zoned R3, if apartments were constructed on the property, would uncovered parking and/or a drive isle be permitted over the easement? Also, is landscaping and site lighting permitted within the easement?
593 How do I find out about road closures in the City of Los Angeles?
594 I don't know if this is the right department, but I have a question and hope you can answer it. If this is not the right department will you forward it to the right department? My husband and I are looking at a 20 acre piece of property located in LA county, on Big Pines Hwy just west of Largo Vista Rd. I have a copy of the county Assessor's map T.4 N., R. 9 W. parcel number 4, code 4666. We have a geological survey map showing the property in the San andreas Rift Zone. My question is, can a residential home be built on this property? Can you send us the CC &Rs, and the owners name and address? Thank you
595 Is California governed by the Uniform Plumbing Code or the International Plumbing Code? What does Los Angeles County actually go by in respect to its inspections?
596 What are the guidelines for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems in LA County?
597 How can I recycle some clothing, small appliances, records, TVs and other materials generated from a business?
598 The property at the listed address has a seepage pit that seems to be overflowing. It drains across a public road, onto my property, down my driveway and stands on Topanga Canyon Blvd. This situation has existed for a long time. As I read the codes, that situation makes the house uninhabitable. Can Building and Safety terminate this nuisance?
599 My neighbor wants to install a fence between our properties. I had a surveyor survey the property lines last year. Now that we both know where the property line is between the two houses, she wants to install the fence right on the property line. This will result in making holes on the brick wall between the two houses. Not even mentioning about the view that's going to be limited, it will ruin the brick walls I cherish as part of the driveway. What is the guidelines about building a fence on the property, especially when my neighbor wants to install one without my consent. I guess I can't stop her installing one on her property but I want to know if there's any way I can stop her from making holes right on the property line. Thank you for your response.
600 I recently sold a house in unincorporated Whittier. The buyer was aware that the back room is not permitted. I also told the realtor that the den area was built before I purchased the house and was also unpermitted. The realtor told the new buyers that the den was grandfathered in and didn't document it in the paperwork. Now, the buyers are having an issue with this. How am I liable for this? Am I liable? Is the realtor liable?
602 I have a family friend that they've just bought a house in Temple City, Los Angeles County. When they bought it, the agent showed them the county record as living area is 1847 sq.ft. (The lot size is over 9,000). But after they closed Escrow, they would like to apply a Patio Enclosed permit from Temple City city hall since it was rainning heavily this year. When they were in the counter of the city planning department, they were told that the city record for this house with the living area is only 1360 sq.ft.(The lost size is the same as county's). They were told that before they applied Patio Enclosed, they should legalize the different part between city's and county's. They've already hired the architect to draw the exist house plan and submitted to the city hall planning department. The planning department reviewed it already, said they will contact either architect or them, but right now one month passed and no phone call has been received yet. They've contacted them several times but no answer yet. Question 1: Is it right that sometimes the city record is different from county record? If it is, whose record should be complied with? Question 2: Usually how long should the planning department review the plan? Thank you so much for your kind attention and help.
603 The owner of this residence wants to build a bathroom addition. Which Dept. of Bldg. and Safety would process the permit? And is a survey and soils report required? Thanks. - Anthony
604 Where might I find free clean fill dirt?
605 What drawings are required for plan check for a 400 square foot addition? Are Title 24 calculations required to be part of the drawings?
607 On unincorporated 2.5 acre plot in the West Antelope Valley that has an existing manufactured home on it: 1. Must I pull permits to pour a concrete slab in the back yard? 2. What is the maximum size for detached patio cover/carports that do not require a permit? (I hear different stories from different salespersons, so thought I'd go to the experts.) Thanks!
608 My property is located in Altadena. Due to the recent rains, my neighbor is constructing concrete drainage channels on his hillside slope which are pitched towards my driveway, which runs downhill and parallel to our property line. I'm afraid that during a deluge, my driveway will be overburdened with the additional runoff from this recently constructed drainage apparatus and flood my swimming pool and home. Are there specific codes and permits required to divert rain runoff to an adjacent property? The channels terminate less than 5 feet from our property line. Thank you.
609 I would like to get some more information on the types and prices of computer programs that are listed in Section 6 of the Hydrology Manual.
610 Does a hedge or thick growth of schrubbs or trees qualify as a wall? Also, what are wall height restrictions in Residential zoning for both front and side yards?
611 I am planning on purcahsing a family house in Alto Dena, and I will be remodling the property; When all permits are approve, do I need a demo permit before I remove the old roof?
612 Per Title Co. this property is zoned as "LCRAYY" I would like to know the meaning of this code. I appreciate any information you can probide. Thank you.
613 My garage is flooding every time it rains. I have 3 questions: 1) Do I need a permit to tear the structure down? 2) I would like to build a mother-in-laws quarters for my future mother-in-law who is planning on moving to California from New Jersey in the next few months. If I build the garage 15 feet from the rear property line, then I will no longer have a backyard. Are there any exceptions to the set back rules? 3) How long does it generally take to get a permit to build a mother-in-law quarters? Thank you.
614 I am an ICBO / ICC Certified Electrical / Mechanical / Plumbing / Building / Combination Building Inspector and have been for since 1999, I work for County Of Los Angeles Sanitation District, where I am an Inspector 2 level 5, LACSD currently requires that you have an Los Angeles County Deputy Concrete Certification to advance to a Inspector 3 with the Sanitation District. Does Los Angeles County Public Works have a Deputy certification for Electrical / Mechanical / Plumbing / Building??? If so what are the steps to obtain that cerification. If not I guess I will need to obtain the Deputy Concrete and would like to no those requirements. Could you forward me that information. As I stated I work for LACSD and have spoken to several of the Engineers in our Field Engineering about this matter, and they are willing to help rewrite our requirements for an Inspector III position to include other than the Los Angeles Deputy Certification which has been a long established requirement at the sanitation district but as I am sure you have seen at Public Works with today changes in the construction industry everything isn't about concrete, and with todays technology and inovations come change. Any help you can provide me with information would be of great assistance as I attempt to assist our new management from our Field Engineer Division. Sincerely Phillip R. Cooper LACSD Contructio Inspector
615 Can I used the rebars (Footings on a slab foundation) to attached a grounding wire on a new add on living space on my house. That grounding wire I'll be using only on one of the existing power outlet(receptacle) of that space for add on safety? As observe,the outlet has no wire connection on the earth grounding.
616 Us Bank would like to install a temporary portable generator at our production site at the above address. This standby generator would only be operated in the event of a loss of utility power. This site has an existing automatic transfer switch. Generator would be rented from Quinn Power. Generator has a CARB certification #114578. My question is, what information and or design drawing would I need to submit to get approval for this temporary installation. The generator would be on site for 120 to 150 days.
617 Zoning of the subject property is said to be LC M2 (manufacturing). Please advise where I may get a copy of the zoning code or a list of permitted uses under M2. Thank you
618 I am interested in purchasing a vacant lot but the street in front is 10 feet across. Can I build on a lot with a narrow street? In addition, there is a slope on the property. Are there any special permits I need to obtain and are there any special considerations ? Thanks
619 Does Public Works or the County hold auctions to get rid of surplus equipment or property?
620 I live in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles, and I own a home that was built in 1928. I want to renovate and build an addition, and I would really like the original (or most recent) building plans for that property. Does the "City of Los Angeles" Bldg Dept have access to these original plans? Where else can I obtain them? How are the building codes followed if the orginal plans aren't available? Thank you for all your help. AIN - 5024-007-014
621 What are the requirements for building a single family residence in a flood zone area? And what are the requirements for septic systems in such areas?
622 A neighbor is adding on to her 2 rental units on her property. How can I find out if proper permits have been placed? I'm specifically concerned about the amount of off-street parking that has to be made available now that the units are being significantly enlarged. Thanks!
623 I want to apply to be certified as a Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector for LA County through the Building and Safety Division of Public Works. I have the application for testing, but I can not find the instuctions or the qualifications necessary to apply. They are not on-line any where. Please reply with the Qualifications necessary to apply, the reference material needed for the testing, the required fee for the certification, who can submit reference letters on my behalf. Thank you
624 I need to find out whether a residential pool needs to be fenced in or not. The pool itself is not currently fenced; however, the yard is enclosed and there is a self latching gate at the entrance of the yard. I am considering removing the gate, but installing a new automatic gate at the driveway leading to the yard. Please let me know if this is allowed. Also, where can I call if I have any questions about the building code as it pertains to private pools?
625 I need immediate copy of the Brown Book. Is this publication available for download on your website?
627 What residential plans are required to have the seal of a licensed architect? The form for minimum plan submittal requirements says that they must be wet sealed and signed, WHEN REQUIRED. Please verify/confirm when they are required. Also, to what extent is there grandfathering for older homes in the county that were built and added on to over the last 100 years, without permitting? Is a pre-permit inspection and approval required before a new addition permit can be given? If so, what will this inspection entail, and what upgrades will likely be required? The existing house is approximately 1000 SF, built by the owner's grandfather and added on to / upgraded over time by various family members. The proposed addition is approximately 450 SF attached the back end of the house with little or no remodeling to the existing house, other than to connect the two.
628 I would like to purchase a copy of the "Greenbook". Do you publish this or could you direct me to an agency or vendor that sells this?
629 We wish to build a garage on our property. What is the setback. Thank you
630 How do I get on a contractor list to paint curb addresses?
631 For additional room to my existing residential house: What sewer/drain pipe size do I use for Toilet drain & vent? for bath tub drain & vent? for bathroom wash basin drain & vent? What pipe material should I use? ABS,PVC or metal? Can I run sewer/drain pipe through exterior/interior footing (footing is 24 inches deep)? What maximum distance from toilet other fixtures (bath tub, wash basin or sink) must the vent be placed? What is the minimum grade/slope required forthe sewer/drain line (for back flow prevention)?
632 Is there a Countywide director of ADA and does he or she have an email address?
633 How do I dispose of my old refrigerator?
634 How do I dispose of my old lawnmower?
635 Do you have a Cost Estimate Unit Price list for commercial/industrial and/or residential construction?
636 We just purchase this property and we have foundation problems and they have suggested to have drainage work done...we cant seem to find any one to get this job done any suggestion would help thank you very much...
637 Where can I get a permit to repair my roof? Do I need a permit to remodel my bathroom and kitchen?
638 Where can a citizen dispose of smoke alarms?
639 Where can a small business dispose of smoke alarms?
640 I would like to know the location of the uppermost aquifer and aquifers hydraulically interconnected beneath 930 North Selby Street in El Segundo, including the direction and flow-rate of groundwater, depth to groundwater, and seasonal high groundwater level. Thank you for your help, David
641 We have a customer planning to install one of our test systems, which uses 20A 3-Phase 208VAC power. I need to find out if this test system will require an NRTL certification in order to be installed in Torrance. I appreciate your assistance. Best Regards, Keri Jurjovec Agilent Technologies
642 Do i need to get a permit to build a carport in the rear of my house that would measure approximately 6'h x 10'W x 25'L? What would a permit to build this carport cost me? Do i have to get a licensed contractor to build it for me or can i hire anyone? Would an inspector want to come and supervise the work? If so, would he also want to check the rest of my house and surrounding structures, even though he's just there for the building of the carport? Any information is appreciated. thanks
643 Is PEX (crosslinked polyethylene) an approved material to repipe a home?
644 The County put in a sewer line prior to Agoura Hills being incorporated. House laterals were put up to the property lines. A year ago we had a house built and they connected to the lateral. After awhile, the sewage began to come up through the asphalt. It is claimed that the cause of sewer problem was the lateral was never hooked up to the main. 2 questions: 1. Why wouldn't the Contrator connect the lateral to the main? 2. How does the County handle claims like this?
645 What is the stair requirement for riser height and tread depth? Also, for the truss loading, is there a specific wind design method? What is the Exposure Category? Is there a Live Load (Ground or Roof psf)requirement? What is the wind velocity in Miles Per Hour?
646 What are the requirements of Title 24, as it concerns the probable increase in energy consumption, of a single story, single family dwelling that is opened to access a proposed permitted addition of a solarium, and what are the steps that the builder of the solarium is required to take in order to be in compliance with Title 24?
647 Where can I drop off my computer to be recycled?
648 I would like to upgrade my main electrical box and what upgrade is suitable for proper use.House was built in 1955
649 Does the County publish maps of return frequency for a variety of durations? Have regression equations been developed to include different factors such as elevation and area? I know that Sacramento County has developed these maps and equations to supercede TP-40 and NOAA Atlas 2 and was hoping that something similar had been created for your county.
650 What are the code requirements regarding fireplaces in new single family residential construction [already under permit]. In particular, I want to know requirements pertaining to screens on pre-fab gas log fireplaces as well as wood burning masonry firepalces, in a living room and/or master bedroom. Thank you.
651 I live in the county section of Pasadena and my house is on a septic system. Most of the houses in this area have been connected to the main sewer that was installed a few years ago. What is the process for connecting my house to the main sewer line?
652 How can I get the L.A. River Master Plan plant palette without having to download the entire 16 MB Landscaping Guidelines? I have only a dial-up modem, which is too slow for such a big file.
653 How far in advance does the schedule show Household Hazardous/Electronic Waste events?
654 Do you offer any awards to businesses for their recyling efforts?
655 Please provide some direction with regard to requesting a Plot Plan Review. For what I believe is a Yard Modification request. I'm planning to build a retaining wall and a block wall, apparently there is an issue regarding the height of the wall.
656 I need to dispose of used cooking oil and grease. Where does it go?
657 I recently had a swimming pool installed by a licensed contractor. There is NOT a drain on the pool... in other words, too much water (either from rains or a leaky valve in the auto-fill) causes the pool to overflow. Are there any construction guidelines/requirements to install a working drain in the swimming pool? Thanks in advance for your help!
658 I have 1 1/4 acres 165' x 330'. Can I divide my property into two lots, say 65' x 330' and 100' x 330'? Can it be done administratively, by written explanation? What is involved and what would I need to do? Thank you.
659 How much is the Hydrology/Sedimentation Manual and how can I purchase a copy?
660 i'd like to find the beach bus schedule pick up spots and get offs please thnx
661 Is a permit required for a concrete driveway? What are the requirements for amount/depth of concrete, expansion joint distance per joint, and underlayments such as vapor barrier,ect? Thank you
662 For Hydrology calculations, would county approve of the use of HEC-HMS or only the MODRat?
663 How many gallons of water is represented by each "unit" on the water bill? Since I am moving to another state where I will be charged by the gallon I would like to get an idea of how much water I have been using.
664 My apartment building does not have a recycling program. Where is the nearest place to drop off recyclables?
665 I live in the City of Los Angeles and have a complaint regarding the amount of garbage kept on my neighbor's property. I am concerned about health hazards. Who can check on this property?
666 Why doesn't LADPW offer reduced rates to low-income customers?
667 Form to order a new tentative tract map number.
668 How do I dispose used syringes and needles?
669 I know that in the past residence in areas not far from where I live have been compensated for having to put up with the disruptions of construction projects. I am wondering who to contact about a compensation for consideration of construction on my block (right out my window). I moved into my residence almost 4 years ago in a nice clean and quite neighborhood. Less than two months later a construction company started tearing down three buildings right next to me to build a larger condominium building. I hadn't lived there soon enough to fight the construction, and might not have, but the construction has gone on, and is still going on today. When I had moved in almost 4 years ago I had just purchased a new black car, and it has gotten dirty from the construction for almost 4 years. Other buildings the same size (at least 3 buildings) and much more elaborate have gone up around the block from this building in less than one year, and are already selling. My neighbors and I believe that this contractor owes us compensation for almost 4 years of construction for not having parking, for making our nice clean quite neighborhood look like a construction zone for so long. We pay high rent, but have to pay for on-street permit parking to which they have taken half of for all this time. The time that they have taken to build this building is unreasonable and we believe we should be compensated for the abuse of time and discern that they have shown all my neighbors and I, continually lying about when they will be done. Also in reading another persons question, and your reply of times they can work, they have blocked off our parking from m-sat 6am-6pm, and sometimes leaving there cones out blocking parking over the whole weekend (when there was no work being done on the parking area) were they allowed to do that. Any help that you can give me would be much appreciated.
670 What is the maximum slope allowed for a driveway. What is the minimum width allowed? What is the minimum radius allowed for the driveway approach? The lot is on a hillside.
671 We are having a serious problem with extremely high water pressure that's affecting about 15 homes at this point. The pressure is blowing anti-syphon valves & sprinkler heads. We need to get attention to this as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.
672 I'm trying to find the property use code, is this property solely a residential use, or mixed use/commercial use?
673 I need to post Grading Permit Security and need to find out who to make a cd note payable to. ie "Dept of Public Works, Los Angeles County" Can I Have 2 CD's so one can be released, similar to 50% Cash or Bond release. How long should the CD be set up for. They have good rates for 10 month and 15 month CD's. If I can purchase 2 CD's then I could possibly get 2 different types.
674 My house and the house next door share the approach to our driveways which is also shared by a house in the canyon below us. We are aware that this situation was caused by a utility easement which the canyon house has used for many years. He is now trying to sell and is trying to get one or both of us to move our walls to give him a two lane driveway. He is a Real Estate attorney and is using scare tactics to try and convince us he has some right to our property. The Assessors map shows our lots meeting and does not display any information on this driveway. Does he have any right to make the easement area wider? Is there anywhere where this situation would have been documented when his house was built (approx 10 years after our houses)?
675 I would like copies of the building permit for the second home on the lot in question. In addition I would like a copy of the certificate of occupancy. I believe that the original address is 1832 E. 110th st, the second home on the lot has an address of 1834 E. 110th st. It was built last year (2004) around November. Question #1 Can I get these documents on line ? Question #2 If i can not get them on line, what specific office do i need to go to in order to get a copy of them. Question # 3 What is it going to cost me to get the documents? Question # 4 Can I get a copy or does the owner on title need to go in?
676 i own and live in a 4 unit building with a small front lawn. i currently do not have any parking on the property. i would like to pave part of the front lawn to create a parking area and would need to create an easement from street onto the yard to do this. is this possible? if so, i expect i would need a permit to create an easement from street to parking. where would i obtain it?
677 I am having a contractor replace my central air conditioning system with a newer more efficient model. I am having the work done by Sears who contracted out the installation to a local licensed contractor. The contractor just recently installed the AC unit and I am concerned that the installation is not to code (which by contract they were required to do.) For example, the AC unit is placed directly in front of an electral junction box therefore blocking access to it. Where can I find the building code requirements/standards for AC installations. I am interested in setback requirements from house and/or clearances from electral equipment and support/foundation requirements for the AC unit itself and for the copper refrigerant lines. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
678 How do I obtain the current Gray book?
679 I am removing a wall in my bathroom to expand the shower as well as repositioning the drain valve. Also, I am creating a walk in closet. What, if any, permits would be required?
680 I need infomation on building a fence around the pool. Is it is nessesary if we dont have kids, nor do our surrounding homes have any kids? Will our exsiting fence be enough or would we need more. Do kids play a role in building a fence or not?
681 I am removing all of my existing stucco and lathing and having a contrator install new lathing and stucco. He says that I need to obtain a permit for this new stucco. What kind of permit do I need, and which office do I go to? Will an inspection be required?
682 I am in the process of preparing a grading plans for the project involving dining area addition to the existing restaurant. Where can I obtain general grading notes that typically goes on the first page/plan of the grading plans? Thank you.
683 Is the raised curb in the garage that the sill plate rests on required in new construction?
684 Do the Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts have a special rate for filling swimming pools?
685 This is a test question, please ignore. Thank you.
686 Do you accept old fire extinguishers (these are stored in my garage) at the hazardous waste collection location in Playa Del Rey?
687 Who can I refer citizens to when they are reporting a bee hive in a tree or building on County road right of way? Also, who can I refer them to if they live in County area and the bee hive is located on private property?
688 How do I obtain mosquito larvae eating fish?
689 Good Morning, I have been renting a house, in which, the garage was converted into a business, the owner got a letter which says that we have 30 days to move. What are my rights to evacuate this place?
690 How do I reach Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP)?
691 What does incorporated vs. unincorporated mean?
692 Is all of the LA basin and surrounding mountains on the 10/1 to 9/30 rain year? How was this timeframe chosen? The TV weather man says its 7/1 to 6/31. Thank you.
693 Where can I find Los Angeles County Class Specs?
694 Water services need to be installed in LA County Flood Control District's (LACFCD) easement. What LACFCD permits do I need to install these water services? The developer of this site has the necessary permits to connect to the proposed water services. Also how are these LACFCD permits obtained? Can you provide me with a contact?
695 Where and how can I dispose of an old TV so that it doesn't cause environmental damage? There is a lot of lead and plastics in these things that should be kept out of the water table. Does the city or county have any resources for environmentally sound disposal for TVs and computer monitors?
696 Do I need to apply for a permit if I am installing a new water heater?
697 I have oil that is mixed up with some water. Where can I dispose of it?
698 I was not able to retrieve historic runoff data for some of the stations listed on the website. How can I access to those gauging station historic data? For example for the station of F37B-R located at COMPTON CREEK near Greenleaf Drive?
699 What are the required processes to have a well on your property?
700 I have obtained a building permit for a project of mine. The project is not going to take place anymore. How do I obtain a refund for this permit.
701 Looking for a used computer or have one to donate?
702 We are installing groundwater monitoring wells under an RWQCB approved workplan. Do we need to obtain well permits from LA County? If so where can I get the forms online and what fees are involved?
703 Do you have daily mean streamflow data for F38C-R Ballona Creek above Sawtelle from 1967 to the present? If so, how may I get a hold of it? Also, do you have suspended sediment data for the same period of time?
704 To Whom It May Concern: We are currently undergoing a remodel and have caught the painter dumping water/paint in our yard. We have asked him not to do this and have recently discovered he is dumping it in the neighbor's yard. We have told the general contractor about it repeatedly but he ignores our concerns. Now our orange tree leaves are curling up. We are at a loss as to what to do about it. We have told the contractor that we do not want the painter (who is not licensed) working on our property but, again, the contractor ignores us. We feel it is very serious and worry about the environmental impact of this. Lately, he has been dumping watered paint into the parkway between the sidewalk and the street. What can we do about this? A quick reply would be greatly appreciated, Fred and Kelly McCullen
705 Where can I find the names of Director and Deputy Directors of the L.A. County Department of Public Works?
707 We are doing hydrology study for an area in the City of Santa clarita, LA county. Does the county prefer to use a specific method, such as Rainfall-runoff method (HEC-1/HEC-HMS)and Modified Rational Method, over others. Also where can I get a software for Modified Rational Method (MORA)? Thank you
708 Is moldy food, which is recognizable, all right to use in the compost bin?
709 How do we keep ants away from a compost bin? Can we use a line of baking soda around the bin?
710 Where can I find the for the City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning Subdivider's Statement Application form?
711 Where can I find information about the surplus land parcels and other properties you have available for sale?
712 What is Conservation Usage and how is it determined?
713 Green recycle bins for garden waste are not available in where I live. I compost garden/kitchen waste at my backyard, but there're more wastes than our compost bin can contain..... Is there anywhere in Long Beach area that I can take those garden waste in regular base?
714 I was wondering about the maintenance of a County Facility. Does Public Works maintain County buildings?
715 Where can I find forms for Regional Planning?
716 What is the web site that can give me the annual "Debris Basin Debris Production Report" by Debris basin in LA County? Thakns You
717 Does the Antelope Valley Environmental Collection Center (AVECC) accept small (e.g., residential barbecue) propane tanks?
718 How can I donate good cans of paint?
719 How can I have a dead animal removed from the road in the City of L.A.?
720 Does anyone offer seminars on the LAR04 / F0601 programs? If so, who is the contact for the information where/when the seminars or intructional classes are being held?
721 Does the D. of Public Works manage auctions on foreclosed properties? If not, do you know what department does? On the D. of Publice works site, how is the real property obtained by public works for the auction? Thank you.
723 Is there a way through the website to access real time water flow information for Malibu Creek or other streams where the DPW has gauge stations? Thanks, George Fitz
724 There are no wheelchair access ramps on a sidewalk in my unincorporated city within the County of Los Angeles. Whom do I speak with in order to have an access ramp installed?
725 I have just received a faxed copy of EMC 82-8. I'm grateful to have received it. I suspect it is not the only section I need. Unless there is a copyright issue (very doubtful), it would be extremely helpful to have the entire Electrical Code Manual available online.
726 I could not find the phone number for the record of survey and survey records public counter
727 Whom do I contact with freeway questions? Are there plans to add a carpool lane on the Santa Monica Freeway east from Lincoln to Downtown and West from Downtown to Santa Monica? what is the target date for completing the freeway work on the 60 West/East and 57 junction?
728 How can I stop unsolicited faxes?
729 Who do I contact about requesting a refund for a cash deposit made on tax bond?
730 Who do I contact in order to remove a beehive?
731 What are the allowed hours and days of construction permitted so as not to disturb the neighborhood? A house demolition and re-building project is taking place in my neighborhood and work goes on into the late night hours and on weekends. We need to know if perhaps there may be a violation. We are interested in maintaining good relationships with the owners but are now lacking sleep! Thank you.
732 Graffiti reported via the hotline has a 48 hour removal goal. what is the goal for graffiti reported by FAX?
733 I would like to put up a 4-ft garden wall using keystone retaining wall system in front of my home I have a slope of 4ft in 15ft and would do 2 part step up of 2ft4ft flat and then 2ft will I need a permit
734 Is it possible to use A1 zoning vacant land as a parking lot or Annex bldg for adjacent (appx.1,500ft away) church?
735 How can I get a permit to remove an OAK TREE in my front yard which has it's root cracking my front yard and possibly damaging base of my house.
736 What can I do about towing away cars that have not been moved for over 48 hours? There is a vehicle parked in front of my house without license plates that has not been moved for days.
737 We have a condo. The association had new roofs installed and said if we were considering skylights we should have it done now. Several of us made a quick decision and used the suggested contractor to install several Solatubes and one skylight (in garage). We assumed the contractor was taking care of permits. Are there any codes for skylights ? What permits, if any, are required ?
738 What is the difference between MODRAT and MORA and if not significant difference, Does LADPW will take analysis from MORA?
739 I have used motor oil in 2 big paint buckets. A little bit of paint may have gotten mixed in with the used motor oil. Can I still bring them into a recycling center?
740 I recently got married, what are all the steps and what is needed to change my name here at DPW?
741 I want to widden my driveway by 18 inches and need to determine if I need a permit to change the curb cut for the driveway. If I need to contact another office, please advise me, Thank you for your assistance.
742 I need an application for water service. Where can I find it?
743 How do I remove items I have posted that are no longer available?
744 Before starting a hydrology study on the site indicated above I wanted to know what methods and programs the County of Los Angeles recognized. More directly does the county accept the hydrology study to be done by the AES program?
745 A constituent called our office re: a couch that her neighbor has placed in the driveway. Are there any ordinances regarding placing your own furniture in your own driveway?
746 1) Are the design guidelines for the preparation of engineering plans for street design/ improvements available on-line?. Where can I find them? 2) Do you have a Flow Chart that will depict the street improvement approval process and all the department, divisions and agencies involved? Thank you.
747 Where are recycling drop off sites for cans, bottles, and other recyclables?
748 How can I stop junk mail?
749 What are the necessary steps required to get issued a Tract No. for this location?
750 Requesting contact information on Cellular License Agreement (Parks and Golf Course) between County of Los Angeles and Wireless Carriers. Requesting contact information for the County personnel involved in licensing and preparing final documentation to be signed by Chairman, Board of Supervisors.
751 What steps are needed to purchase realestate through the county. I am a general contractor and would like to build low income homes. Please provide information regarding land purchase. Thank You, David Camalcih
752 Where can a dispose tree clippings?
753 the LACPW Hydrology Manual (page 143) references excel files for rational method calculations (TC_calc_vol.xls...). I was not able to find them on this site, even through search options. Are these still available? can you e-mail them? Thank You
754 I am looking for a list of RV sewer disposal sites on the west side of Los Angeles. Thanks Tom Michel
755 Property APN 2055004900 When is this surplus property up for auction?
756 How can I obtain a Flood Zone determination for my property in the County's unincorporated area?
757 If I see a dead animal on the road, who can I call to have it picked up? I know the number to call within the City of LA, but what about outside the City of LA, but within the County of LA? Please provide any details available, such as how long it will take to pick-up, etc.
758 What are the pickup dates for Christmas trees in this area? Should I just leave the tree curbside on one of those dates?
759 I live within the City of Los Angeles. Who can I contact to repair the sidewalk damage caused by a tree in front of my residence.
760 I have a client that would like to lease parking on a month to month basis
761 I live in the City of Los Angeles. How can I dispose of my old dishwasher, couch, mattress or other large household item?
762 You tell us to recycle our junk mail, but where can I take it to be recycled? I live in Arcadia. Thank you. And by the way, I looked at all the links you provide on this site and others, and I did NOT see any place that will accept "Junk Mail".
763 Is there a site where I can get an email alert for traffic congestion?
764 what properties are available in any district to purchase by paying off the tax debt of the properties?
765 I am trying to develop a system for a mobile car wash. I have a filter system installed. Once the water goes through the system, can i get a permit to discharge this into the storm sewer? Or, once it is filtered, can I get a permit to dump the water in the sanitary sewer on the site that I am using the equipment. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
766 I would like to know what details for bidding are available. I registered today; confirmation# 3220. Could someone please forward to me instructions, details, rules pertaining to bidding processes, to include minimums if applicable and time table(s). Thank you for your attention.
767 Would you please let me know, when you are going to sell the properties that you have in your inventory. Tahnk you Fred T.
768 I want to start a yoga studio in the Los Angeles area. I wanted to know if there were any parking requirements required?
769 Who can appeal a traffic control request to the Highway Safety Commission?
770 Is the HSC decision the final decision regarding an appeal?
771 Who are the members of the HSC and how many members are there?
772 What Parliamentary Procedure does the HSC follow?
773 When are the HSC appeals heard?
774 Where are the HSC meetings held?
775 Is there a way that I can get a Certificate of Correction emailed to me or the website where it can be located.
776 Can you please tell me what are the submittal requirements for Grading Plan check. i.e, number of plan copies, plan fees, application's, reports, etc.
777 for the surplus property auction do i have to put any deposit down to participate, if so how much
778 Hello, I work for an non-profit benefit corporation, Operation Reach. It is my understanding that some surplus property is auctioned off to the public without price control, and that other property is auctioned off to agencies providing free public services to senior citizens, veterans, homeless and low-income individuals at a reduction in price, and in some cases, at no cost at all. Would you advise if the property listed above or any other property in Los Angeles has the potential of being purchased by an agency such as Operation Reach at a reduced rate or as a closed-auction purchase. Thank you, Erica Cowart
779 Is it illegal to put a microwave in the trash or business dumpster? If so, what is the law?
780 I have hillside property that requires brush clearance every year. I need road access to my hillside to clear the brush, as it endangers human lives every year to comply with local brush clearing regulations. There is public land that is blocking road access to my hillside. How can I purchase this land so that I can have access to my hillside property? Please advise. Thank you.
781 I have cassette tapes that are now useless. Are they recyclable? Please let me know so I can bring them next weekend. Thanks, Danny
782 where can I dump some old carpet?
783 Where can I recycle styrofoam packing pellets?
784 We are subscribing regularly to LA Times and some other magazines but we don't know where to throw these once we are done. We want to help in recycling what we can but there are not enough places here in our area to dump these. A lot of times we just put them in our trash bins. I feel bad about it. We want to help in our own small way. But we don't know where and how to do it. Please help!
785 We are a real estate development company and are interested in these surplus properties: Agoura Hills -vacant land on Lewis Road south of Driver Agoura Hills -vacant land at southeast corner of Driver Ave. and Lewis Alta Dene Area -vacant land west of Rubio Diversion between Porter an Crest Los Angeles -vacant land between Brand and Chatsworth Santa Clarita -lot with dingle family home at 22522 14th st. northwest corner of 14th and Spruce Sierra Madre -vacant land along Auburn Debris Basin Unincorporated- Val Verde -vacant land adjacent to Lincoln cor San Martinez, Val Verde Please send us more information and the price ranges you are looking for. Thank you. -David Cotton 310-556-2400
786 I would like to find out if I can sched a pick up to recycle office paper? I also wanted to ask if we can recycle paper after it goes through the shreadder?
787 I live in Sherman Oaks, and my condo doesnt have recycling, and I cant find anywhere that I can bring all my recyclables, any suggestions?
788 Does the city subsidize for any type of composting equipment for residential owners? Thank you.
789 Can I drop off my 60" projection tv at an HHW Roundup?
790 Where can a mobile car wash business recycle waste water?
791 Would it be possible to provide me with a web link or address of where to find when a Tract was recorded. Thanks! Josie
792 We have large cardboard boxes that a suana and grill came in that need to be disposed. Pluse other cardboard material. Do you know how someone takes care of this?
793 Dear Sir/Madam, How to start the bottle recycling business in LA county?? Where can I get those information or license?? Thank you for your attention. Winnie
794 Phonograph records--vinyl longplay musical recordings--are these recyclable? I have lots and lots of these. Can these go into the blue bin? If you cannot answer, is there another website to which you can refer me? Thanks George Stavros
795 I've been saving plastic bags and other plastic stuff in hopes of finding a drop-off location in the Encino/Tarzana area. I know supermarkets are supposed to take plastic bags, but will they take the mixed bags I have? If not, who will?
796 Why doesn't the County post all their Standard Plans on-line? The City does, and it is very useful.
797 I live in an apartment building in the city of Los Angeles with no recycling containers/pickup. This whole area if full of apartment buildings and I don't think any of them have recyling bins/pick up. What a waste. Most of these buildings have the trash bins in locked garages so theft wouldn't be an issue with recycling bins. Can you help or direct me to who can? Thanks Thanks
798 We recently had to get a new microwave and now don't know what to do with the old one. Can we recycle it at any of the hazardous waste sites? If not, do you have any suggestions as to what to do with it. It is an over the range micro so it's too big to put in with the regular garbage pick up. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
799 Are there any centers where you get paid for dropping off cans and plastic bottles?
800 Who is responsible for sewer repairs?
801 How do I find out where the problem is?
802 How do I proceed with a sewer lateral problem?
803 How can I avoid damage to other utilities?
804 What permits are required for repairs in a street?
805 What if a County tree is growing over my sewer lateral?
806 Where can I recycle wood, PVC pipes, and other types of construction materials?
807 What is a modern roundabout?
808 What is the scope of this project?
809 What are the advantages of installing a modern roundabout?
810 When will construction be completed?
811 What is the cost of this project? How is it funded?
812 Hi - Do you know of any recycling center in great LA that takes CD jewel cases (the clear plastic ones)? I have about 300 and I called my local hauler - Athens Svcs - and they will not recycle them if I put them in the blue bin.... Thanks, Julia
813 Hello, I have a bunch of old videotapes that I'm getting rid of, and I'd hate to just throw them in the trash! Is there anywhere you know of that recycles them? I've been searching for a while on my own and I can't seem to find any! Thanks, Marissa
814 i heard on the radio today u now take styrofoam - the kind computers r packed in. is that true? tx tracy
815 What is the difference between "Strategic Priority Areas" and "Strategic Focus?"
816 How can we obtain a speaker from your department to explain the benefits of recycling?
817 Where can I find list of landfills, transfer stations, and material recovery facilities (MRFs?
818 Can you please send me the URL where I can find Standard Specifications for Public works construction 2-5,2-6 ETC Thank you
819 I am looking for a form to add a domestic partner to your medical insurance
820 Do you trim trees on private land and what is the cost?
821 How do I obtain Sewer Maintenance Disvision index maps for the sewer in a project area? Are these available online?
822 Please forward me a copy of Land development fee schedule. I am trying to find out, what entails in processing final map of proposed 6 single family subdivision. Thanks.
823 The Request for Proposals Tasks T1.1 and T1.2 require the collection and reporting of nonpavement needs. The background statement provides some guidance as to a definition of the nonpavement needs. Is there any additional guidance?
824 Do the nonpavement needs include capital needs as well as maintenance needs?
825 A number of tasks (T2.1, T2.2 and T3.4) refer to regions. Have these regions been defined? Have the number of regions to be used been defined?
826 The cover letter has a two-page maximum limit - are there page limits for the other sections of the proposal?
827 Is there a required format for the cost proposal?
828 On the Form - Proposer's Organization Questionnaire/Affidavit - What is the County WebVen Number?
829 Insurance - our general liability limits are $1 million/occurrence and $2 million aggregate. However, our umbrella insurance limit is $5 million - is this acceptable since the contract indicates that the aggregate should be $3 million?
830 Task 6.1 - indicates that both pavement and nonpavement needs for local streets and roads are to be determined as of July 1, 2007. Since the project is not scheduled to begin until Spring 2008, we would anticipate that many agencies will have data that will be more recent than July 1, 2007, and therefore any needs assessment could be based on this post July 2007 data. Is there a reason why July 1, 2007, is preferred?
831 Page 16 - Item 1 (format of proposal) - is an electronic copy of the proposal to be included as well as the 15 hard copies?
832 I want the list of tax delinquent properties in LA County
833 I need to schedule a water audit for our campus. Thank you
834 When was the original Road Department established? Thanks.
835 we are designing a commerical kitchen for the army corp which will have a LA County approved grease trap (2,000 gallon). Right now we have the dishwasher and garbage disposal connected to the grease trap, is this arrangement allowed
836 In dealing with the SUSMP, we have a depressed loading dock catch basin. Most of the loading dock is under a roof, but approximately 1000 SF of the loading dock is not covered and stormwater drains into the loading dock catch basin. This catch basin drains through a 4" PVC pipe to an oil/water separator inside the building. From the oil/water separator, the storm water from the loading dock is connected to the sanitary sewer system and runs gravity sewer to a Culver City lift station which pumps sewerage to the City of Los Angeles NOS sewer. Do we need a permit from the county to get permission to have the loading dock drain to the sanitary sewer?
837 3128 Griffin Ave, Los Angeles CA 90031,this property has been abandon and has a burned house, & I am interested in purchasing this property to built a single family home where the burned home once stood. Would you have any information about this property in regards to who is the owner and how we go about purchasing this property?
838 I recently read on your website about the San Gabriel River Master Plan ( and was wondering if this actual project had been implemented? If so, what have the financial costs benn and what part of the San Gabriel River would be affected? Thank you
839 Why don't I see my project when I go to the My Estimates?
840 I can see my project in the My Estimates page but can't edit it. Why?
841 I imported an estimate and the report showed all my items but I can't see them on the Items tab. Where are they?
842 How do I view my old Engineer's Estimate file?
843 What is a temporary estimate?
844 Can I look up my water bill account balance online?
845 We are trying to find a place to take miscellaneous non-hazardous building material, primarily scrap wood and old wooden out door furniture. What would be the closest company or county facility which will allow us to deliver the material to them?
846 can I obtain recorded maps in the area of this property via the internet? if so , how do we complete the research in order to know which maps to purchase? Jim Meyer, PLS
847 How do I find the zoning for a parcel of land in Topanga Canyon 4446-010-006, 007 Thanks. TR
848 I am looking for standard blank sheet for street improvement and sewer plan and general notes as well. I couldn't find in your web site. If you can email to me the drawing file that would be great or tell me where in your web site I can find it. thanks and have a great day Nazi
849 How can I obtain electronic files of the Sewer Maintenance Division index maps?
850 I work for a non-profit, non-discriminatory employee advocacy organization located in Los Angeles. It is my understanding that some surplus property is auctioned off to the public without price control and to low-income individuals at a reduction in price, and in some cases, at no cost at all. Would you advise if any property in Los Angeles has the potential of being purchased by an agency at a reduced rate or as a closed-auction purchase.
851 i whould like to no if publick works are looking for a contractor in asphalt repair? we specialize in asphalt paving,patching,slurry sealing,line stripeing,crack filling,and much moore. lic and bonded thru thru the state of ca,thanks
852 Are videotapes are considered e-waste? If not, do you know what to do with them? Thank You
853 I was wondering if I could receive information pertaining to the construction and demolition ordinance? Just wanted to know cost implications and tipping fees and well as other associated fees with implementing the ordinance? County of Riverside is considering drafting a C & D Ordinance and would like as much info as possible. Thank You Jackie Vandenburgh
854 What is the online address for Public Works open and closed bid listings, bid results, and closed bids/award listings?
855 Our heater is not venting properly and when a plumber was investigating the problem, he notified us that the vent was made of asbestos which makes fixing the problem more complicated and expensive. Is asbestos removal included in the REHAB or some other county sponsored program?
856 Hi, I am the property owner of 13714 Valley Blvd. La Puente part of unincorporated LA County(APN: 8112-007-068). My tenant rented my property and has started a pallet recycling business. Recently, I got a citation from County Regional Planning for violation of zoning code. My property is currently in C-1 zone. Many properties near mine are in M-1 zone. My tenant collects broken wooden shipping pallets from surrounding businesses, repairs the pallets, then sales the pallets. I think his business fits the principle of material recycling and waste reduction. I am wondering if you can help us to bring his business into compliance. Please let me know whether you can help or not. Thank you. Chiu-Chi Chen
857 What is the process of posting our recycling company/business on the SmartBusiness Recycling website?
858 Please advise me of the current status of this Waste Water Permit Registration: Permit #P000382068. Thank you,
859 I work at a non-profit called Jewish World Watch. We are located in Encino, CA. We have a ton of paper and plastic that needs to be recycled. I have been taking ALL the materials home to my residential blue bin. This is no longer an option for me. How can we obtain a blue recycle bin for our business? Is there a cost for the blue bin and is there a monthly pickup cost? If yes for either question is there a way to apply to have the fees waived considering we are a non-profit business? Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you, ~Meredith Molinari
860 How do I obtain the precise grading plans design sheet border(or title sheet with general notes) in auto cad or PDF file?
861 I am working on a senior project for Cal Poly Pomona and I am required to do the hydrology and storm drain design. Our project site is in Pomona, CA and I would like to use the Hydraflow program to size the pipes and detention basins. Is this program recognized as an acceptable CAD program in LA County? Thank you. -Ailyn Renteria
862 I have a questions regarding street improvement plans for AIN # 3006-008-002. I have conditions that were issued with conditional use permit no. R2004-00444. The conditions require that a 50' right of way be dedicated which is an additional 20'. My question is that the rest of the street has a 40' half width and the existing curb & gutter that we would be connecting to is 30' off of centerline. according to a 50' halfwidth the curb would be at 42' from centerline. i need to know what is required for sure, as the 50' halfwidth does not fit with the surrounding properties. Please let me know who I would need to speak to regarding this matter.
863 What is Values Management?
864 Where can I obtain information regarding property zoning for unincorporated areas of LA County?
866 How do I receive a County services guide?
867 Who will be monitoring lack of water conservation in my neighborhood? I have seen lawns being watered during daylight hours as well as driveways being washed off on my street.
868 I heard that there were going to be water restrictions in LA County starting July 1st. Where can I get more information? [DPW INFO - SM] [NOTE: This FAQ was sent to DPW from the main LA County website admin. Inquirer's concerns are in regards to their website, not DPW's.]
869 I was told that I need to paint a notice adjacent to a storm drain grate that says not to dump in the grate because it leads to the ocean or river. Where can I get one of the necessary stencils? Thank you!
870 How do I obtain information regarding upcoming projects, requests for proposals (RFPs), etc? My company is interested in monitoring projects that might become available through Public Works.
871 I want to find out if you have a bond estimate form for monumentation. We are setting (5) 2" x 24" iron pipe on our property. I searched the website and could not find anything that reffered to monumentation. Thanks, Robert Monroe
872 How can I register as a vendor with the County? I would like to bid for County contracts.
873 How may I obtain a copy of the "Manual for Preparation of Geotehcnical Reports"
874 I recently inquired about refunding Permit Fees for cancelled residential development permits. From your response: Section 107.12 of the 2002 LACBC covers refunds and states that should no portion of the work or construction covered by a permit shall have been commenced, and such permit has been cancelled, the permittee can request a refund in an amount of 80 percent of the permit fee. Please note that plan check fees cannot be refunded. However, is there a time limit for requesting a refund on permit fees? In others words, must I request refund within the fiscal year of the permit's expiration? Thank you for your time.
875 I have a general question about the disposal of Gasoline. If I bring my fuel to a HHW collection event, do I need to turn in my fuel container?
876 Where / when can I dispose of old pesticides ?
877 Where does our trash go? Is it disposed of in landfills?
878 Where can I find information about storm evacuations in the burn areas?
879 If I take a container of old gasoline to an HHW Collection Event,can my gas container be returned to me?
880 Why doesn't your Road Closure website show the closures on Angeles Crest Highway?
881 This home has a motor home parked in the front yard on the grass and it has been there for years. Does LA County have a regulation about that? This is in an unincorporated area of LA County. If so, who do I contact to make a complaint? Thanks, Julie
882 Where do I get clearances for industrial waste???
883 How do I transport household hazardous waste?
884 Where can I report a pothole or potholes?
885 I was wondering if it would be possible to get old computer parts like ram, CD Drives, and graphics cards that are dropped off at your Household Hazardous Waste/Electronic Waste Collection events?
886 I work with a non-profit organization and was wondering where we can dispose of hazardous waste?
887 Does Public Works hold a Vendor Fair?
888 I'm contacting from an architecture firm that is planning on constructing a second-story addition to an existing one-story home. LADBS has informed us that we have to fill an application because the home in located in a FLOOD ZONE. I was wondering if you could tell me what actions we need to take to complete this process and how long will it take for our application to get reviewed.
889 Is a treadmill considered e-waste?
890 What can be done to clean/clear a yard that is a fire hazard?
891 Where do I go to get permits for my house?
892 Do I need a permit to construct a block wall (fence) on my property?
893 Do empty and dried out paint cans(latex paint)need to be taken to hazardous waste facilities or can they be thrown away in regular trash?
894 Can I dispose of empty motor oil bottles in the trash?
895 How does one post upcoming events to your web site?
896 Will my worms die if it gets to cold in the winter?
897 May I have the address to mail the CASH FOR GRASS program to? Thank you , Elizabeth Robinson
898 Do you have any files (USTs, clarifiers, remediation, etcc...) pertaining to the following address: 1316 Border Avenue Torrance, CA 90501 Regards-Bahman Rohanizadeh 949-300-4542
899 How do I get information on LA County regulations relating to gray water home installations?
900 Can excessive rain cause low water pressure?
901 Does Electronic Waste also include film cameras - both still and video?
902 Hello, I would like to make a public records request for county water usage of "green" spaces. Either by city, region, or county. I'm are looking records for public use of water in areas such as parks and recreational areas. Thank you for your time. Cheers, Dawn
903 I'm trying to shred personal papers and dispose of 2 trash bags of documents. Where in South Bay, closest to El Segundo can this be done, soonest?
904 My name is Hannah Snyder and I am a student at Pomona College. As part of a final project, I am developing a citizen strategy report for Coyote Creek. I am interested in any information you have about the pollutants and challenges facing the creek, the major stakeholders and communities that are interested in the health of the creek, as well as any projects or plans relating to the creek. I would also love to get the contact information of anyone who might be able to answer further questions.
905 I'm building a composter out of a 55 gallon drum and wanted to know if I should drill holes in it to let air in.
906 Is e-waste computer toner?
907 Who do I contact for a permit to be able to park my food truck in the parking lot of my business?
908 Subject: Mulholland Highway I asked the following of Caltrans, and they suggested I ask you folks, there -must-- be an answer to this, but it may not exist!??! I live just outside Los Angeles County. I am trying to find some info on the [famous] Mulholland Highway (parts are Drive), that traverses from Cabrillo State Beach on the west all the way to Griffith Park (at Mt Hollywood Drive) on the east, about 55 miles in all. Do you have a "historian" at DPW?! Information abounds on the parts of it WEST of the 101 Fwy,,,but little if any info seems available on the parts of it (Mulholland Highway) to the EAST of the 101. Here, there are several lengths of closed,not_drivable road, and one fairly long piece that is open to cars. There is also one "stretch" of "it", from the 101 to the southeast corner of Lake Hollywood Reservoir, that is non-existent!! Do you know of any books, papers, Calif State DOT docu- ments, etc. that talk of this part? Im curious why so much of it (the east of 101 part) IS there, drivable or not, and other parts of it seem to be "missing" entirely. Was it -planned- at one time to be an open road all the way from the 101 fwy, around the bottom of the Lake, up and to Griffith Park? And just never was "built"!? "Things like that" questions! Also, was it ever planned to extend even further east (that Mt Hollywood Drive) e.g. up to the Traveltown RR area or south toward the Observatory etc, ending perhaps at Los Feliz Blvd? A good sketch can be seen at Any info you could supply would be most appreciated! thanx, bob mackey
909 How do I report a broken fire hydrant?
910 Can I rummage through some of the e-waste that is collected at the Roundups? Do you sell it?
911 How can one learn more about starting an electronic waste recycling business in Los Angeles?
912 How do dI get a rebate form for my new washer?
913 In my compost bin there are lots of white worms about 1/2-2" long, 1/2" thick.
914 How do I sign up for paperless billing or eBill?
915 There are sidewalks that need to be repaired on Imperial Hwy. and Western Ave. These sidewalks are not ADA compliant. Who should I contact to address this issue?
916 Who do I contact about a neighbor who has tall, dry grass and weeds in his yard that may present a fire hazard?
917 Can I submit my bid electronically?
918 I have tried many times over the weekend to get information about days and schedules and departure locations for the Santa Monica Beach Bus. I want to know the fare to ride the Beach bus and any reduced rates for the disabled and seniors.
919 What if the status of the invoice in the DPW Customer-Invoice Payment Status Inquiry screen is Unpaid but I have already submitted my payment?
920 Who can I contact regarding short paid or disputed invoices?
921 What are Unused Non-Controlled Medicines, as opposed to controlled medicines?
922 Can I download recorded tract maps from your internet web site ?
923 My peach and nectarine trees had leaf curl this year. Is it okay to use their leaves in my compost bin?
924 Do you have a program to donate abandon property to nonprofits where the properties could be fixed and then sold to low to moderate income. Do you know of a program like this? Thank you
925 Subject: #RFB-IS-12200126 - Dental Clinic New HVAC Rooftop Unit Good afternoon, Are you able to send me the bid results or awarded contractor information for the #RFB-IS-12200126 - Dental Clinic New HVAC Rooftop Unit?
926 Where on your website can I pay for a permit to renovate my residence? I was told there is a form but i can't find it anywhere.
927 Can I get a blank .pdf of the "CORNER RECORD" forms or a link to download it please? Thanks
928 We own and/or operate gas stations / convenience stores in LA County and have seen an influx of invoices from Network Piping Monitoring Systems for "monitoring & reporting to EPA & Health Agency" supposedly involving devices that LA County paid to install as part of the wastewater discharge program. I am trying to determine if this is a scam or legit. Help?
929 Our company would like to know if the Department of Public Works is interested in contracting for pick up used tires and plastic. Our company is has a new recyling process that's totally Green.
930 I plan to excavate my backyard which is 3 feet above ground in order to build a second unit. Do I need a permit to excavate? If yes, where should I get the permit and what are the requirements? Thank you.
931 Regarding measurement of Big Rock Creek near Pallet Creek, LACO turned this measuring site over to the USGS. I understand that USGS has turned it back over to you. Who is the contact person I can call to get measurements?
932 Subject: Groundwater Well Information I am currently working on a site in Torrance and am looking for groundwater well information surrounding the site. I would like to know if your department maintains well information in Torrance and if I could get access to it. Your help is appreciated.
933 I live in Los Angeles, California. I need to STOP getting advertising and coupons (junk mail). Please help me.
934 Are County Surveyor's Map available online?
935 Why am I unable to view and print facsimiles of some invoices listed in the DPW Customer-Invoice Payment Status Inquiry?
936 to what address should i mail a request for LA Cty Public Works Dept information per the California Public records Act? is 900 S. Fremont Alhambra 91308 the correct place?
937 Are written instructions on the use of the DPW Customer-Invoice Payment Status Inquiry application available?
938 I would like to be able to pay my water bill online. Do you plan to offer this feature?
939 How do I obtain more information or file a compliment, suggestion or complaint?
940 Why do the consumption tier entries appear twice on my water bill?
941 I am the Activites Coordinator for 17 after-school programs in Los Angeles and Inglewood. Several of our sites maintain a going green theme throughout the year. What department should I contact in regards to requesting a representative to host a presentation on the importance of maintaining a clean LA? The students are K-8. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.
942 Is it legal to ride a motorcycle, gas powered scooter or electric scooter on the flood control bike path. If not want is the coded section that applies.
943 Are there any regulations limiting the export of groundwater form a property located within Los Angeles County to a location outside of Los Angeles County?
944 What does the DWP do with their heavy equipment (backhoe) when it is replaced with a new one and it becomes surplus? Auction, or do you have a site where you sell them? I'm looking for one to buy in the Los Angeles area.
945 I have a fire hydrant located in front of my residence and motorists are not following the parking code of 15 feet on either side of the hydrant. Is it possible to have that section painted red to alert motorists?
946 how do i apply to work as a person that drves a truck that irrigates certain places, or how can i view an opening for the water department?
947 How to update my credit card expiration date that is used for Auto Pay?
948 Subject: Filing a Corner Record I need to file a corner record. Can you please advise me on the steps I need to take to make sure it is properly filed?
949 I cannot access the Land Records page on your website (
950 How do I request a copy of (or is there a way I can view) an LA Department of Public Works Memorandum File?
951 how do I pay my annual industrial waste inspection on line?
952 Hello, I run a licensed light bulb recycling and disposal company. I would like bulbcycle to be added to your directory for light bulb recycling. Please let me know how I can be added to your database. Thanks!! Andrew
953 Does your agency have any standard road cross sections that show right of way width, lane width, etc for different types of roads? Here's an example from San Diego County (pages at the end of the document show the cross sections)
954 Right in front of a residence in the City of Los Angeles there is a sidewalk and a fire hydrant with a one foot gap. Several people have already fallen walking through this sidewalk that is an immediate path to residence houses.
955 i have reported a graffitti problem on my street and received an email that it had been cleaned up. that email was false as nothing was done. i have repeatedly called your grafitti abatement office at 626-458-2542 (erica meza) and keep getting a recording. nobody has returned my calls. is there another number that i can call a talk with a human being??
956 On which holidays are streets not swept?
957 I have a vacant lot and there are no existing fences or boundaries. How can I get the parcel properly marked and find out what the exact borders are?
958 URGENT: Neighbor's sewer line is connected with our sewer line and is backing up. The line goes under the side walk and is affecting several neighbors.
959 I notice that the County installed larger and more attractive street name signs in my community. Why didn't you upgrade the street name signs on my corner?
960 There is a pothole on Northbound/Southbound Lincoln Boulevard.
961 Walkers and runners on the Marvin Braude bikepath are a safety hazard.
962 I am looking for several FEMA LOMAs(Letters of Map Amendment) with the following case numbers: 97~09~555A 97~09~541A 97~09~501A 97~09~086A 96~09~890A 96~09~404A 96~09~567A 95~09~1034A 96~09~233A 95~09~788P 95~09~593A 95~09~672A 95~09~504A 95~09~404A 94~09~116A 93~09~310A 92~09~082G 199107138FIA 199106351FIA 199531414MBJ
963 Is there any incentive to collect rain water for irrigation in new construction?
964 I am looking for a digital copy of the County Highway Permit Ordinance.
965 Dear Hahn`s Trolley (HT) Pinnacle Petroleum, Inc. is a Woman Owned Business Enterprise, certified nationally with WBENC. We are contacting you because we are interested in registering as a diversified supplier with your organization and obtaining bid solicitations or purchase opportunities. Since 1995 Pinnacle Petroleum has been offering customized fueling solutions to our customers located nationwide. Whether you are looking for bulk fuel supply, onsite fleet fueling, fuel cards, tank monitoring, emergency fueling, or full service inventory management, we tailor our services to meet your unique requirements, offering all conventional and alternative fuels as well as lubricants and fuel additives. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, construction companies, rental car agencies, utilities, government agencies, railroads, and communication companies. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Liz McKinley. President Phone: 714~841~8877 Fax: 714~841~8855
966 I received your contact information from Brett Dingman form the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District. I am a contractor working with Target Corporation. Would you be able to send me any permit requirements or any continuing obligations there are for wastewater, specifically grease traps under the L.A. County Public Works’ jurisdiction. My job is to make sure that any new stores that may be constructed have all the appropriate wastewater permits/notifications in place, or are working toward that end. The subject of the permitting is a Target Store located in Westlake Village. It is my understanding that all the construction permits have been secured. Now I am just looking into any of the operating permits.
967 Do we have a map with all the DPW Road and Flood maintenance yards in LA COUNTY where we can go and get gas for our county vehicles?
968 I would like to purchase a property I found at: Who is your point person or contact for more info?
969 We are looking thru the standard plans but we can't find pdf's on TRASH RACKS (INCLINED). We saw them before. Do you still have these in pdf's?
970 I am looking for clarification and training materials to ensure my restaurant is compliant with all FOG initiatives.
971 Hi. I am planning to open a transitional home for the homeless and was advised to search for surplus property as a donation. Could you please give me more information with the process of finding available property for my transitional home? Where and how would I apply or purchase the property? Is there a list of available property? Or a direct contact for someone who may be able to walk me through the process? Thank you. I appreciate the help.
972 Good morning, How do I go about applying for vendor status for DPW or for the county, overall? Any purchasing department contact or application link/process assistance would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Holmes Ghassemi P3 International " NYC
973 I brought a home and was not aware that it was in a flood zone. There are no levees in the area so how is it in a flood zone? Flood insurance is expensive. Is there low cost flood insurance and is it possible to be omitted because the house was built before the flood zone was established?
974 The Marvin Braude bike path was created for bicycles, yet there are hundreds of walkers and runners using it daily. This creates a dangerous situation. It is clearly marked 'Bikes Only'.
975 RE: your website: I`ve heard conflicting advise to apply or not apply black electricians TAPE to one or more terminals on all batteries being disposed of. I`ve heard its a fire hazard as the contacts come into contact with the metal cases of other batteries in a recycle bin, and if they have any juice left in them they short~circuit and burn. And I`ve also heard that`s just an old tale. Do you have instructions to insulate the battery terminals, or not?
976 How often do you sweep the Marvin Braude bike path?
977 Where can I get educational materials for storm channel safety? The community I teach in is directly adjacent to the San Gabriel River; with wetter weather imminent, kids need to be informed about the dangers. Years ago you provided a video called No Way Out but I cannot find education materials on your website anymore. We need to get this information to children asap. Thanks.
978 What are the 5 alternate grease disposal methods when applying for a grease permit for a restaurant
979 I requested to have some graffiti cleaned up (reference #292903) and sent photos. I received notice that the graffiti was cleaned up, but that is not true. The graffiti is still there. reference #292903
980 I'm a reporter working on a story. How do I reach a Department spokesperson?
981 What`s is the process to obtain EPD approval for a project located within 300` of an oil well? The oil well is presumed abandoned
982 GMED, A requirement from LA COunty Plan Checker, Nazem Said for a grading plan at Tract #71925 is the approval of a soils report letter (attached). Please le tus know who we can send this to for approval. Thank you, Matthew Frazier
983 What email address should I set my junk email filter to allow incoming emails from MyWAM?
984 Why has the San Gabriel River been flowing for a month at a time when it would normally be dry?
985 I just installed a Burglar alarm and fire alarm monitoring system in my house. Are there any permits that I need to have?
986 I have noticed for months now that the San Dimas Wash that crosses Azusa Ave has a very large amount of water running through it consistently. Could you please tell me why this is happening, especially when we are in a severe drought.
987 How do I convert the HCF Units or HCF daily use units to gallons used per day?
988 Need to find a location to recycle used old oil 55 gallon bends.
989 Dear to whom this may concern I am interested in acquiring land to build my business and I see on that there are many of them owned publicly. I was wondering, how can I find out which of those lots are available for purchase and whom I would need to contact. thank you very much. best regards Sevada
990 Given the current status of CA water supply and continued concerns for CA residents, I find it alarming that this type of watering is allowed by the city of Los Angeles. This ccurs EVERY Tue and Fri around 5:30AM. Sprinkler heads are broken off as well as over watering until the street floods, 2x a week. Thank you for putting a stop to this.
991 Good morning, I have a fair amount of electronic items that I need to dispose of. Might there be a pick up service provided by the city?
992 Is there a way to track water usage during a billing cycle?
993 Good Day, Can you please help me. I need to obtain information on getting the approved vendors list for methane barriers. I believe there is a LACRR number. Thanks for your help.
994 I would like to read the guidelines that govern the preservation of the Tujunga Wash Mitigation Area.
995 This is off topic, I have injection needles (hospital needles)from February when my father was out from the hospital and it has been sitting in our possession for months without knowing what to do with it. Where can we dispose those kinds of items because I heard from the home nurse that it is illegal to dump that kind of stuff inside a trash can? Do we take it to our nearest pharmacy to have it recycled?
996 My company is looking for resources/programs to help us recylce motor, compressor, and machinery oil. Is there any information that can be provided?
997 I am handicap and use a 3 wheel scooter. Can I ride the bus?
998 I need to build a small shed of approximately 80 square feet to protect my well and the associated pipes and wiring (plus, solar panels will go on the roof to power the well pump). The well is about seven feet from the property line. Is there a setback that applies here? I`m in an unincorporated area of the county (Kagel County).
999 Where can I dispose of: Empty oil barrels Propane tanks Car parts I`m in San Gabriel Valley. Thanks.
1000 Where can I get free sandbags
1001 q. do you offer free rides on new years eve q. what other day do you offer free rides), q. do you accept metrolink passes as payment, q. when do you update your timetables, q. which buses/shuttles are free to ride? (if none, who offers this)
1002 Vacant land west of Rubio Diversion between Porter Avenue and Crest Avenue. The AIN is 5844026902. I am contacting you to see when the vacant land is up for auction.
1003 Dear LA County DPW I am sending you this email to see if anybody has time for a quick visit during the following windows of time: Jan 5th: Morning or Afternoon (not between 10:30am~12:00pm) Jan 8th: Any time after 12:00 pm My name is Dennis Larson with Flood Resolutions. We are the largest manufacturer and distributor for the most comprehensive line of flood defense products within North America. We have over 50 linear miles of food defense barriers strategically stocked throughout the USA allowing us to be responsive to flood events wherever they arise. Details can be seen on our website. (Our brochure is attached) I would take any time you can spare to quickly go over the following: 1) Who we are and our capabilities during times of flooding 2) The assortment of flood defense materials we have 3) Our pre~flood, flood defense, and flood restoration applications 4) Regional stockpiles and current stocking operations 5) Leave our literature for your reference materials and/or contingency planning (electronic brochure attached) Do you have interest and availability for a quick visit? I would enjoy the opportunity to come by. If our schedules cannot connect during this time, I am happy to let you know next time I am in the area. I would appreciate any time you can spend in getting back to me. All the Best, Dennis Dennis D Larson Flood Resolutions USA CEO Cell 480~254~3957
1004 Hi there. Can you let me know if the dial a ride for the area for 2144 Cyril Ave Los Angeles 90032 would use the east LA services? If travel is need to go to fair oak and next to Huntington hospital, what service can be used be seniors over 65? Thanks. ~Glenda Sent from iPhone
1005 Can empty small propane canisters (like those used for a camping stove) be disposed of with regular garbage (ie, the black garbage cans)?
1006 Will the public works app be available for download on kindle tablets?
1007 If I wanted to install an electrically motorized rolling gate at the end of my driveway, do I need a permit? Additionally, do I need to install an independent pedestrian gate?
1008 Graffiti on light poles F13 Gang related. Light poles adjacent school playground off of 60th St.
1009 Resident reported graffiti on the San Gabriel Bikepath at the Westminster bridge, the 7th St bridge, and at the Willow St bridge.
1010 The graffiti is located on the north side of the building, most visible from Hart St, but the building address is 6925 Canby Ave.
1011 I am trying to find the Code for determining occupancy loads for commercial space. I am trying to calculate the exits required per square feet of space. And I think it also takes into account how many people work in the space.
1012 Crews fixing underground pipes are "destroying" our roads, the miserable patch job they do after they cover the hole is unsafe to drive on and damage vehicles. Please have them Pave the road rhe right way. We are taxpayers and deserve to have our roads fixed properly.
1013 I live on the corner of S. Walker and Big Canyon Pl. Why is there no street sweeping on Big Canyon Place? A lot of trash, weeds and dirt collects on the street and gutters.
1014 I was wondering how LA county determines the temperature to open cooling centers? Are they only open when the temperature hits 90 degrees F? Or a different temperature? What are the criteria in order to open cooling centers?
1015 Several home tents on the street around the business and the Edison yard across the street. The homeless have also moved down the street during the night across the 7 Eleven on Avalon and Redondo Beach Blvd. In addition, homeless living on the bus stop covered benches. It scares bus riders away and makes the neighborhood look very bad. There is a day care center by and catholic school nearby. Please help or point me in the right direction. Orlando Torres 310-704-5597.
1016 As a real estate appraiser I get asked if an earthquake gas meter shut~off is required when you do a refinance on a home. I believe it was required in LA county on a transfer of sale only. Pls. qualify. Thanks, Kurt
1017 I was able to visit your site "" until you changed your site. What is the new link to get to the records section.
1018 I am submitting a Parcel Map in Incorporated Arcadia. Will you be doing the map check or the city?
1019 Dear Sir/Madam I would like to know (myself and a couple of hundred people residing in Bouquet Cyn)when Bouquet Cyn Rd will reopen ?? I understand the closure for Thursday Night into Friday morning as the rainfall and pattern were unknown, but by Friday early afternoon it was apparent to those of us who use this road that the
1020 To whom does the department of public works answer to?
1021 Hello, I am the recycling coordinator for the City of Agoura Hills. I understand that solar panels are considered hazardous waste. Can solar panels be take to the Malibu collection event from one of our residents?
1022 Hello, I am interested in purchasing real estate property that L.A. County is selling. Do you have a website available with a property listing or someone that I can contact to discuss. Really appreciate your help, Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
1023 Does the Antelope Valley Environmental Collection Center accept CDs/CD cases and DVDs?
1024 I 5 south damaged my tire and wheel due to a large pot hole
1025 Good morning, I`m Jackie Hong, working for San Gabriel Valley Water Company. I have a water reservoir site improvement project going on and have a question regards of that. There is a 43,000cfs detention basin on the site and I was wondering if we need a permit to discharge overflow from the basin into a channel near by. If we need a permit, I would also like to know what the process is like and its requirements. It would be greatly appreciated if you can e~mail me your response. Thank you very much. best regards, Jackie Hong, EIT Project Administrator " Engineering Department San Gabriel Valley Water Company 15966 Arrow Route " Fontana, CA 92335

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